Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


We are shaping a new Web Magazine focused on Civic Engagement and Collaborative Urbanism. The idea is to have an Identity reference for all the CivicWise community. It's why the magazine wants to achieve a great content quality and at the same time promote a simple language, that could help for a general public divulgation.


This category is dedicated to any discussion about CivicWise funding.

CW Digital Infrastructure

This category is to discuss about Civicwise infrastructure. If you are looking for the Civic Tech Lab go to Civictech category.


Principles will guide us towards the achievement of our goals.


Cette catégorie est utilisée par les activités et les projets qui ont lieu à Paris.

Glocal Camp

Use this category for the Glocal Camp matters.
The Glocal Camp an important moment to consolidate our community and start new collaborative projects.
The first Glocal Camp will take place in Paris from 16th to 21st May!

Civic Tech

We use technology all the time. Technology shapes our environment and our relationships. It is a key factor that defines society. Because the choice of a particular technology has important consequences in social organization today, in Civicwise we think that as citizens we have to be able to choose consciously which technology to use. This freedom of choice will only be possible if citizenship has an accurate knowledge and is able to generate a collective intelligence and common technological knowledge.

Civic Factory Fest La Marina

Espacio para la construcción colectiva de la ciudad.

Civic Design Courses

Threads, debates, contents and projects of the Civic Design Courses in various languages

La Participación CW

Este es el lugar para el debate y la construcción colectiva del proyecto La Participación.


This channel is dedicated to dealing with the issues regarding the network of work in the American continent, remember that America is not a local circle (#lc) within CivicWise, since its characteristics do not allow it, in such a way that corresponds to a network.