About the Civic Tech category


We use technology all the time. Technology shapes our environment and our relationships. It is a key factor that defines society. Because the choice of a particular technology has important consequences in social organization today, in Civicwise we think that as citizens we have to be able to choose consciously which technology to use. This freedom of choice will only be possible if citizenship has an accurate knowledge and is able to generate a collective intelligence and common technological knowledge.

Civic Tech Lab is a glocal and trans-disciplinary group of research that aims at (1) promoting the dialogue between digital tools and human structures and territory (urban & rural); (2) building a community of Civic Tech animated citizens to research the Civic Tech field; (3) addressing its main issues, namely the lack of shared and defined subject, ideology, objectives, standards, methodology, metrics within the Civic Tech field.

Slack channel: #tc_civictechlab
Twitter: @civictechlab