Adolfo Chautón as Connector from Extremadura


Hello CivicWise Communty. I’m pleased and excited to announce here my Connector activity.

What I already did for CivicWise
Not so much… I hosted Domenico Di Siena in Cáceres and Extremadura in his first CivicWise Tour, mar’16.
I’m driving CivicWise Extremadura as a distributed project in this incredible, large and rural spanish región in southwest Europe.
I’m lauching conceptual reflection about Civic Economy and it links with Civic Engagement.
I co-created the W.OS (CivicWise Operating System) approach with Domenico Di Siena, an agile methodogical tool to improve open and quickly Civic Engagement in situated communities.

Next six months as Connector
My engagement and my time as a CivicWise connector during the next six months will be dedicated to:

  • coordinate, joining with Laura Gutiérrez, the CivicWise Extremadura circle
  • coordinate a working group around Civic Economy
  • get people involved
  • colaborate in 2º edition of the spanish online cours “Diseño Cívico” in topics around Civic Economy
  • colaborate in CivicSchools as a action-reflection project to involve schools as dinamic civic spaces
  • colaborate and coordinate a working group to writing propousals for funding calls for the CivicWise global network

Adolfo Chautón @adolfochauton
I’m Urban Geographer, Master in Local Sustainable Development and University Specialist University Degree in International Cooperation and in Urban and Territorial Planning.

I work as social innovation facilitator, independent researcher and practitioner.
I founded Emprendipia a reserching project and enterprise focused in socializing complexity and how to aplicate it to colective building of places, spaces and territories as interdependency enviroments that involves people and their relationships.

I design and develope agile methodologies for social devices that wants to active new habilities for a changing world management and positive face of complexity and uncertainty in the framework of the civic innovation and systemic entrepreneuership.

My professional career has been characterized, since 2003, by designing and implementation of action-reflection open and civic participation proceses and projects centered in users with an hybrid approach that joins creativity, social technologies, sustainability and local development.