Candidatures and reports for Civicwiser and Civic Connectors - How it works?


I’ve started this conversation because I would like to understand where should people write their public candidature/report to be accepted as civicwiser or connector.
Basically it should be clarified where to post their applications and how to structure it.

1- WHERE: I’ve seen that @urbanohumano have published his in the main forum.
should everybody do the same? a single post in the main forum discussion.
maybe like this it will be a little confusing, if the reports are all in the same place wouldn’t be easier?
I suggest to make a unique thread of discussion in the forum where we all post our candidature. and the same could be recollected in a Drive folder.

2 - HOW: the format of the candidature/report, as Domenico 's, looks good to me, with the 3 parts of what you did, next six months and a short presentation.

I hope this would help.


Hello @FrancescoP I suggest that any candate start a new discussion. This is important because create a sort of short presentation. If we use the same discussion would more difficult to find the different presentations. If we keep separate any presentation become as well the opportunity to create new connection. For istance people interested on my work could publish a message on my presentation and we can start a public conversation.
About the format, I’m glad you like my proposal :wink:


that’s ok, it makes sense.:+1:
so if I understand correct every civicwiser/connector will have his/her discussion where everybody can ask/discuss the profile and the activities.
it seems a good way to keep the work of everyone transparent to the community and open to contribution.

what do you think about having the same profiles recapitulated in a Drive folder so that we can also have there a list of all the people involved? that will be useful for a future where we maybe need to know better how much people is involved and how they are involved.


I think is a very good idea tu have drive folder with the information of each profile!


So if i have understood:

  1. Candidatures/reports of Civicwisers are made in the public Forum for transparency and invovlment as asked by CivicWise Values that we share.

  2. Governance says : “CivicWisers and Connectors must write a public report describing the activities they have developed during the first six month of membership in order to be confirmed.” So for new members, that implies 6 months of membership before being Civicwiser and activities developped. But for Wisers already members, when do they have to write the public report ? Normally should be 2 reports per year ? April/October ? Cause finally i see only
    Adolfo Chauton and Domenico writes reports. Do we need a way for remember Wisers to write their reports?

  3. The Google Form " Do you want to be a Member of Civicwise?" is a way for say I want to be a member : come from Website (fill the form) or send year for check who wants to stay as a member of CivicWise and his/her possible commitments ?

Whatever, results are very interesting :
For Governance : How often would you produce new content?

“Only One_” (6%: 7 pers) means finally you could be a CWFriend
"Once a month" (54%: 65 pers) means you could be CWMember (48 hours in 6 months is not suffisant i think for developed activities as asked for be CWLeader/connector)
“Once a Week” (11%: 13 pers ) means could be a CWLeader or CWConnector
"Other" (29%: 35 pers) means what ? Perhaps should be deleted in the next version of Google Form or an email question to those who write this answer for understand.

For Common Language : What language would you like to write in?
Spanish : 38%
English : 35%