Civic Points - How will they work?


Hey all,

I couldn’t find any discussions about Civic Points, so please redirect if there already is one. I have been following CivicWise on the sideline for a while, as I simply had two many remote and intangible projects in the air and I think it can be general issue. This is why I find it such a good idea with Civic Points and would love to discuss it more and hear more from what is happening in Paris with the collaboration with VOLUMES.


  • How does it work at the moment with VOLUMES?
  • What will be the role of other organisations in the use of Civic Points (e.g. are we hoping to share the space of existing organisations such as co-working spaces and are there any limitations in terms of who we can collaborate with)
  • Are there any requirements for the location of the Civic Point? Public, Private or Governmental space?
  • What are purposes of the Civic Points? Which activities are taking place?
  • How do we differentiate between people as citizens and people representing organisations? (many people may have an organisational interest and organisation may also be able to support the development of CIVICWISE).

Well, that were the questions that came to my mind when reading the paragraph below. I think it is absolutely necessary to connect better online and offline presence to ensure engagement of everyone involved.

“Working with VOLUMES in Paris we are shaping some new interesting approaches to enrich Civicwise.
We realised that what we are doing is promoting a Located Collective Intelligence, which is actually structured around two principals directions: the community and a place. This taught highlight the importance for our community to have several local spaces that we can use as a local community reference point. We can call that a Civic Point. Thanks to our synergie with VOLUMES, in Paris we are already working to shape the first Civic Point.
Of course we have to work to define more what exactly is a Civic Point, but for now we can say that it’s about a place (coworking space, living lab, innovation lab, urban centers etc) where people coming from different domain can meet to work and think together developing civic innovation projects without the traditional need for representative and intermediary organizations. Basically people work together as citizens not as representants of some group of people, or organizations.”