Civic Practices - what to do with CivicWise's book


Hello! CivicWise will receive 50 Civic Practices books a payment for author rights.

I have been discussing with Domenico what to do with these books. We are thinking they should have two functions (in order of preference):

  1. To give them as courtesy books for potential partners, funders, etc.
  2. To sell them in local book launches, where it is not possible to buy them directly from Lugadero’s website.

We could decide that they are not for sale, just for courtesy. But then we have to ask (buy) Lugadero for books every time we want to do a launch event. We could start giving and selling what we have and then ask (buy) Lugadero more if we need.

The second question is how we distribute the books. The best option could be sending 10 to the 5 circles that are more likely to do book launches or events in the near future: Paris, London, Valencia, Barcelona, a city in Italy?

The third question is what to do with the money when we sell them. I guess a percentage would go to the local circle and another percentage to the global organisation, but I don’t know how we are organising this at the moment.

In London, we are being ask for a bit of money to rent a space for the launch event and we were wondering if we could use some of the money from selling books to pay for the space rental.

Please, contribute to the discussion!


Hello! Since there is no response, here is a proposal about how to distribute CivicWise books:

There are 50 books for CivicWise. I propose that we divide this between the 4 countries where CivicWise is more active at the moment: Spain, France, Italy, UK.

We could send 12 or 13 to Paris, London, Valencia and Bari?

What do you think? We are waiting to decide this to send the books to Volumes, so please let me know what you think.

Best wishes,

P.S. Shipping to Latinamerica is very expensive. We could discuss if CivicWise could pay for it, but I think it might be too expensive…


I would add another important city which is Madrid. So may we can send 10 per each city: Madrid, Valencia, Paris, London, Bari. What do you think?


Hello @pablosendra and @urbanohumano

Yes! @luisgsanz was thinking to make a public presentation here in Madrid, specifically in MediaLab-Prado and take advantage of this and make a public presentation of ‘La Participación’ project So would be nice to have some books here. We can let a book at Medialab’s library, maybe also at COAM…

What do you think guys?


Sounds great! If you give me an address for Madrid, Valencia and Bari, I can let it know to Lugadero so they can arrange the shipping to the 5 cities.

The other discussion is what to do with them. I think they should be used primarily for courtesy and for selling locally at book launches.

We could create a shared excel in the drive to keep accountability of who the books are given to and how many are sold.

The following question would be what to do with the money if we sell them. I guess most of if would go to CivicWise global, but a percentage should stay in the local circle to pay for local CivicWise activities.

What do you think?

Best wishes,


We should also have some in the BCN Glocal Camp. I guess the Valencia and Madrid teams can bring their remaining copies to the camp to have it there.


For Madrid you can send to Calle Cava de San Miguel, num 6 Esc Derecha, 4ºA, 28005.

Here, I was thinking at least to give for free one at MediaLab-Prado. We can think about to do the same for specific places here in Madrid: COAM? MATADERO? any idea?

For the ones that we sell, I agree that we should split the money for Global & Local Circle so we can start to give more autonomy to local circles.

Big hug :wink:


Thanks Pascual!
Yes, medialab, coam and matadero should have a free copy.

What percentage are you thinking about? 50%-50%?


not sure about the percentages… =? On this one maybe were more strengh for Global communite than specific local circles… so maybe 50-50 maybe is not fair… but at the same time…I was thinking that we should work on this not to thinking on the specific situation of this project, but trying to build a new protocol for following situation like this one.

Any ideas @FrancescoP @skotperez @urbanohumano @artemi_fasebase @Archivox_NMonnot @ioana @luisgsanz


In my opinion all the books are owned by CivicWise Global, we are just distributing it to some cities where is more likely that we could have a presentation and we could sell it.


You are right. All books are owned by CivicWise global, therefore if they are sold, money should be returned to CivicWise global.

However, since local groups will be making the effort of organising a presentation, a small percentage could go to local groups so they can have some autonomy on running events. We are taking about small amounts of money, but it can always be helpful.

For example, when bookshops sell books, they keep 30% of the price. We could do a percentage even smaller.

Or maybe, after money is returned to CivicWise Global, local groups could have the possibility to spend a bit of CivicWise money on specific activities. i.e. all money is returned to CivicWise, but then CivicWise can pay for the costs of some of the local circles activities.


I agree.

This is a good option for me.

But I’d need more information to have an opinion. How much cost the book? How much is taking Civicwise of the final price?

Anyway, I think the goal of the book is to promote Civicwise and civic practices. Book presentations are a good way to do that, so i would spend all the money that’s necessary.


Find here a quote for the shipping of the 50 CivicWise books. A box of books to each city. I talked to Domenico that shipping of CivicWise books will be covered by CivicWise.
CivicWise will also cover part of the shipping to Pablo Fernandez del Castillo in Brussel, who made a very generous contribution. Brussel was initially supposed to be a Civic Point with shipping at 5€, but only Pablo Fernandez del Castillo got books.
This is an approximate quote, Lugadero can send you the final bill when they are sent. If you think it is OK, they can start arranging the shipping. Please, let me know asap so books can be sent.

Valencia: 4.38€
Madrid: 4.38€
London: 19.99
Bari: 19.69
Paris: 21.94 (- what contributors for crowdfunding have paid so far, there are people who have not paid)

Brussel: 20.07 (- what Pablo Fernandez del Castillo pays)


I was talking about this. The book owned to CiviWise global but if local circles make an effort to prepare a presentation, that takes time, resources, etc, but most of all, I was talking about this kind of things not because the money (which is going to be very low quantity for local circles and it’s not important) but to start to talk about this kind of protocols and start to build this relation between Global & Local communities…how we distributed efforts, implication and benefits (not only money) between global & local circles to be trully Glocal and not just Global network.

We can work on this one, which quantity of money? why? how is the protocol for local circles to ask that money to global community? how all the community is informed about this?


I was thinking that money can be returned to CW Global. For example, if 8 books are sold, that is 160€.

The local circles can spend money in local events (e.g. drinks for book launch, printing posters, doing a CW summit or similar) and then claim back the money sending receipts of this to CW Global for up to (20 or 30%) of the money that they raised selling books. For example if they sell 160€ (- 20€ of the shipping cost paid by CW Global) = 140€. 20% of that would be 28€ and 30% of that would be 42€.

Nobody earns money here, it is just avoiding that local events are done at the expense of people.

On a different note, please let me know if you agree with the prices of shipping so Lugadero can start sending them:


Sounds good to me :slight_smile:

Ok for me too about this one. :wink:


hey! im going to buenos aires the 31 of may so i will LOVE to take some books there.
Ideas : i can distribute some in “important” places of reference : the courses where i’ve teaching morphologie urbain, and urban planning, some collectives of urbanism, the conseil of architecture and urbanism. Other idea is to offer it as a sample in the university of architecture’s book store to see if they are interested in commercializing the book, what it will be great. I should get some specific information to do that (price, logistic, etc) So, if the book arrives at Paris after the 31 i could take them now. Otherwise, i will be in Paris again end of august and i could bring the books in Septembre. hugs for all !


Sounds like a good and cheap way to take some books to Latinamerica. Should we send a bit more books to Paris then?
I think there is an extra 14 books from the crowdfunding (we budgeted 278 and 264 were sold). That makes 64 books in total.

Please, confirm you are OK to pay the shipping with CivicWise money. I have only heard the OK and the address from Madrid. I have not heard anything from Valencia and Bari.


If you agree with the shipping price, we can send:

12 to Valencia, Madrid, London, Bari.
16 to Paris. (and Analia can take some to Buenos Aires).

Should I send the Valencia one to Francesco’s address? @FrancescoP @urbanohumano

What about Bari? They haven´t speak out.

Best wishes,


yes Pablo,
our house is the “office” of CivicWise Valencia too…

Carrer Poeta Carles Savador 11 puerta 8, 46020 valencia

About the money:
I think the the money raised by selling the books should belong all to CW Global Account, we are talking of very low quantity of books and euros and it makes no sens to use it locally.
I think the chance for the local circles is to promote the Glocal connection of what they are doing by organizing presentation of the book.
We should push more the online selling by this events.