Civic Practices - what to do with CivicWise's book



  • Thanks for the address @FrancescoP. Now, I just need Bari. I just wrote in their slack channel to see if they react. I will send the other addresses to Lugadero so they can start sending the boxes.

  • About the money from the books: I agree the books belong to CW Global and money should be transferred to them. However, I think that if the presentation incurs in any cost (e.g. 20 euros on drinks and snacks), this should be discounted from the price of the book and the rest should be sent to CW Global.


Indeed it’s correct to have no costs for the presentation of the book for a local circle.

Actually in Bari it wasn’t planned to do it so fast, the circle is very “young”. so they are planning it.


Great. The presentation will be an opportunity to promote this young circle.


That sounds really good :wink:


Hello! Bari is also ready for the presentation!
I give you my address:
Roberta Valenzano
Via Abate Gimma, 231, 70122 Bari


hello everybody ! im in buenos aires now! i’ve left Paris after the books arrived (even mine :frowning: . but i will be back 26 of august and i will come back to Argentina end of september. So, i can distributed the books where we decide to. I will propose to choose collectively the places where we want to distribute / give the the books. As someone who know well the territory ( uhum) i will start a list to complete and to discousby everybody who likes, next week. I cant follow slack because my mac its too old so if there is some important reflexion there i will preciate if you can reposted here. Big hugs. Analia