CivicWise Website - Beta Launching


Hello @everyone :slight_smile:

We are glad to finally announce the beta version of CivicWise website. :clap::clap::raised_hands::raised_hands::dancer:

As most of you already known, a specific team of CivicWise have been working last months on our website, trying to explain better what is civicwise, how we work and what we are able to do.

From now forward, we will continue to work on the website to show all CivicWise projects we have done, the people involved in the network and how to improve our external and internal communication through the website. We will keep you updated about this the following weeks.

But by now, please, visit CivicWise website and give us feedback about the contents, the structure or the graphic view of CivicWise, sharing with all the community about if it is clear, or if it’s showing the values and image of CivicWise or any other thought, concern or suggestion you people may have…please don’t hesitate. :wink:

In particular you will find changes in:


LOG IN (This is a beta system, we are working on it)


On the other hand, WE NEED YOUR HELP for three topics:

Who we’ve worked with
As I said before, we are going to work to show all CivicWise projects on our website, until that, we have created the page “our work” in which we are showing all the institutions, organizations and partners of CivicWise network. The idea is to build this among all of us, so please, pass by this google doc and add institutions or organizations that CivicWise has work with.

Translation of CivicWise website
As we talked on last Glocal Camp, the idea is to have the website in Spanish, English, Italian and French. We have organized all the contents that we already have on the website on this spreadsheet so everyone on the network can contribute on translation. any volunteer for any language? @FrancescoP, @urbanohumano, @Sebastiano_Pirisi, @Daniele_Bucci, @Azzurra_Spirito,… for italian? @ioana, @BaptisteBernier, @Archivox_NMonnot, @Archivox_MBerri, … for french? @pablosendra or @Fausto can check the grammar for english? @artemi_fasebase, @bentejui_fasebase, @luisgsanz, @Irene_Reig, @Pinfairo, @skotperez, @majereig, @LauraMurillo, @mariatome, … for spanish? :grinning:

Contact CivicWise
As you can see we’ve include the email addresses of specific active circles with CivicWise domain, so everyone can understand where to find us. Please, if you are in an active circle and need an email address, let us know and we can create it for you.

How to get involved on CivicWise website development:

We keep working on this project “Lost in translation”, so please, join us and contribute through discourse, slack or attending the hangout sessions. :raised_hands:

Thanks! Seguimos!


Hello guys!
Amazing work the team has done there. It is really overwhelming to see the new form and content of the web, so exciting!
Had a look, mainly as a user navigating through the web. I am sharing my doubts, humble feedback and understanding :slight_smile:

1. In some moments I have the impression that some links are repeated , and I think this made me feel just a bit uncomfortable.

a. Our approach under the WORK tab on the header, is it necessary that is in there, since we already talk about it in the section ABOUT US ?

b. Then, I get some kind of confusion with the following links


Could this button stand alone somewhere, e.g. without the social media links on the top of the header? Do we want it to be more visible at the header menu?


I see that those mean the same and lead to the same page, also appear in different parts of the page.
I know, we really want people to join :D, but Isn´t it possible to have this option with a fixed name , and maybe in a more stable part of the web?
Just a thought e.g. could be at the bottom where Civicwise is briefly described, and where there are the social media links to FOLLOW. Thus, I can enter the web and always see somewhere the option to JOIN, as long as we consider we want to give emphasis on that button, apart from the Wiser space drop down menu.

2. Social media icons

As far as social media icons are concerned, why are those also shown on the top part of the header, should we keep them in both places?


Is it possible that those tabs open in a new tab? Cause as I enter then I think it is more difficult to go back to the CIVICWISE page, as I see no link to that within the pages of Civic Factory and Academy. In Glocal Camp site, there is a link for example.

4. Header Tab WORK

At some point, I thought that the HOME PAGE is also within WORK, and that those projects featured should be under the WORK tab. But not really sure. I also thought that What is Civicwise could be in the Home page. I guess you have had several discussions on that. Just sharing

Uf, that’s all I think, thanks for your time reading. I hope it is clear, and that it can serve you well. :slight_smile:
Congratulations once again!
p.s. Translation of the web in greek would be so cool :0 :0 :0 ¨—¨


Thanks a lot for your feedback @Nassia :raised_hands:

About the links repeated:

I think you are right… we wanted to have all the pages cross-linked… and maybe is too much… :sweat_smile: and it’s over linked… =? We will talked about this tomorrow during the hangout session to see how to fix it… :wink:

About "join us"
You are right, I’ve already change the “get involved” to “join the network” to be more consistent in this. :wink:

About social icons

I think in this case (civicwise) is good to have our social media icons visible and accesible top (header) and down (footer). As we are a network with a lot of activity our social media are always showing this, so is good to get people to our social media accounts. :slight_smile: (in my opinion).

About glocal camp, civic factory and academy
Again, you are right, I don’t know how to fix this… =? I will talk with @skotperez in hangout session tomorrow. :+1:

About home website and contact us
Yes, we were thinking to have also a new home, in which we can show clearly our work, what is cw and so on. We will have soon… :wink: In that new home, we will try also to have the contact page more visible. :+1:

LET’S KEEP GOING! :raised_hands:



As I said in the slack (I repeat it here in case it is missed), the English for the civic design method needs to be refined.

Here is my revision of ‘4. Conceptualisation’:

With a collaborative approach, we use innovative methods and tools, collective brainstorming sessions and workshops in order to look for new ideas and concepts. This is an open process where local communities, with the support of the global CivicWise network, explore different possibilities.


Nassia hello! i have went through all these buttons and links and texts. And also Pascual moved some of the links, I guess. Is it possible for you to check and tell us if it is better or worse :)) Looking at the same things over and over makes one blind… All feedbacks highly appreciated


Hello all!

@hulya_ertas had a look, it seems to me less noisy now :slight_smile:

I will just comment on the tab ABOUT US. In the category for example OUR APPROACH I was expecting to see below, a link to OUR GOVERNANCE, as it happened with the category OUR VALUES. So, do you guys think it is necessary to add there a link to OUR WORK (as we have a Category on its own already) and a link to CONTACT ?

I followed a bit the previous HO, and I agree that it is good for people to navigate to the web through links that bring them to various destinations let´s say, but just sharing this thought above! you may also know better :smiley:


Hello @everyone!

Great work guys! The website is really nice!
I 've been contacted via the Greek network of CivicWise to navigate in the website as a random user.
Some comments and thoughts:

  1. The fonts and graphic icons -in an overall view- are too large. There is a holographic touch in the graphics which is pretty amazing but the size makes the user feel quite uncomfortable while scrolling. keep it a bit smaller and try to use 2-3 different sizes of fonts, without giving the user that everything has the same importance (colors, title, main body etc.)
  2. The ‘‘contact’’ and the ‘‘get involved’’ buttons should definitely stand alone somewhere. Even in a pop-up bubble in the right side! There is a little bit confusing trying to find them and get involved indeed!
  3. The Academy tab, should be open in a different window/tab without loosing contact with the main site
  4. Regarding social media buttons, there should be an option that you can share certain info, such as ‘‘our work’’, ‘‘our methodology’’. You can add some sharing buttons in certain cases.

That’s all i think for now. Hope the comments would be useful! Cheers to all of you for the great job once again!


Hello @mapatelida :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

1 - I will try to make some adjustments regarding what you said.
2 - Yes, :+1: we will work on that when we start to work in the new home of the website. :wink: Anyway, I can also try to put it more visible in a quickly way by now.
3 - Yes, I agree. I will do it.
4 - Interesting. :+1: I’m taking notes about that and see how we can make it work.

And again, thanks a lot for the feedback! it’s really useful to have outside impressions. :slight_smile: