Civicwise's online storage and backup system


I start this topic to discuss about the best solution to store all Civicwise data.

Current situation

We are currently using Google Drive.Though about the current solution:

  1. google’s servers are pretty failsafe.
  2. an ftp server has not all the functionalities that Drive gives us
  3. Google Drive doesn’t have an automatic backup system.
  4. Google Takeout service allows to download all the data from a Google Drive account.
  5. We can imagine an owncloud system: the equivalent to Drive but self hosted. It is more expensive but more flexible too.


The storage space requirements are:

  • to be accesible from any machine connected to the internet
  • to integrate a automatic backup system
  • to integrate a user and permission system
  • to integrate document viewer and editor, in more common formats: text document, spreadsheet, presentation, image.
  • to be at least 40GB size

Possible solutions

  • Google Drive + automatic backup system.
  • Owncloud. Self hosted solution. A demo here.
  • Distributed storage based in blockchain protocol.

:pencil2: This content is a wiki post: you can edit it and add possible solutions or requirements for the storage.


Thanks a lot @skotperez