CivicWise's Vision?


I believe that first of all we clearly need CivicWise’s Vision.
In a clear and simple sentence.

It has to be perfectly clear what brings us together.
What mission are we embodying when we participate with CivicWise?
Whoever decides to follow the vision&mission - will identify with it from the heart.
Only with this, I truly believe it´s possible to build something together - and with others.

I don’t see at this moment a clear & strong idea or bound.
Jonas asked: CivicWise - For whom? This is a very basic question.
We would have an answer, if a vision and mission were evident.
Having a lucid direction, will help with all the other matters being discussed.

At this moment I must confess that I don’t understand exactly where we are going.
It feels like as they say: a ‘headless chicken*’. ( *running around all over the place with seemingly no aim or purpose). And generally, the discussions seem to be theoretical exercises that lack focused goals, and we all seem to be a bit swimming in circles over itself?

The website says:

Innovative crowdsourcing and co-design platform that promotes civic engagement and collaborative urbanism

First of all - This language is not clear.
A common person would struggle to understand it.
( thinking about it I too struggle to understand, exactly what is it about?)

Innovative? (How come?? This is not a goal?
It can be true - but that is to be proven until it actually is? I say.

crowdsourcing? Does CivicWise want to be a crowdsource website??
I mean there are already crowdsourcing websites. Those wouldn’t solve it?
(some projects might need crowdsourcing others not.)

co-design platform -?? platform can be a million things?..
co-design is a specific kind of collaboration…

civic engagement & collaborative urbanism.
Would people really understand this concepts?
The people CivicWise wants to reach?

possible simplified sentence:
‘ Group tool for designing and building in common space.’
(and I’m not sure about tool and common space…)

(I don´t know if this if a a good vision, just a gave it a try!)
link about crafting mission and vision statements.

Last but not least.
After having a mission and a vision. (And including values)
A strategy would have to be created.
At a first approach it seems very strange that the method to build CivicWise would be a design method. This seems to be a different thing.

Something more like creating an organisation?


Hi Rita,

I fully agree with your point of view.

As I said in my first comment on Discourse, to answer “Why a public administration should “hire” CW instead of a traditional consultancy or firm?”, it is necessary to answer “Why Civic Wise?” or even better deeper, “What is Civic Wise?”

I see us spending time in accessory issues as the legal form, the communication or the magazine, while the core idea is not polished. I also think that the design method shouldn’t be discussed yet unless it is the core of the project.

Therefore, what is Civic Wise? I like the idea of “The first decentralized consultancy for urban renovation projects”. It could be also “A group tool for designing and building in common space” or “A new co-design method for public spaces”. However, depending on which of the ideas we choose, the path will be different -the strength of a decentralized consultancy would be on the experience and profiles of its members whereas in a tool for design would be on the tool itself, namely the web platform.

We need to decide where this goes, otherwise the will continue swimming in circles.

Looking forward to your point of view on this.


Hi there, I also agree with the two of you guys.

  • The way I see CW is as a consultant, therefore is should be clear defined what kind of services it offers. So far it seems to be: a) crowdfunding; b) design. So for example, I am a private or a public institution, with a budget, and I have a project for a city or neighborhood, I contact CW in order to materialize it. The questions then are: who do I have as reference for the project? Who is responsible? What kind of guarantee do I have about the result of this consultancy?
    But also, what kind of clear services are attractive and for what target of clients? Of course defining these aspects does not mean to limit them just to the ones named, but would help to give CW a more structured look.

  • I think CW needs a portfolio of examples. I know it still doesn’t have it, so maybe theoretical scenarios could be a beginning. For example, a hypothetical case-study could start with a need from a possible client; how CW could intervened; what could be the output; summary of costs/benefits; what challenges…
    Probably this sounds very theoretical, but maybe working on ideal situation would help to define the methodology

  • CW needs faces and names. This relates to the point one: “clients” need to have a referent, so having a picture, role and brief description of the people that now are more involved in the platform would make the whole thing more grounded. It would also be interesting to have a list of local referent in order to show the entity of the network. So the way I see it it a major list with the responsible, and a minor list with all the other people that are orbiting around CW, which are the ones who can’t be fully engaged but now and then give a more or less steady contribution. These lists can be updated at any time.

  • Organization of the comment: for someone who goes on the website for the first time or for those who don’t have the time to follow regularly the evolution of the platform, it’s very difficult to orient in the overwhelming amount of inputs. Some of them are super-interesting but it seems like they do not have any follow-up. My suggestion is that all the discussions should be moderated and summarized at some point. This way it would be easier to follow the process of definition of such ambitious and complex project


I feel CivicWise must be a community pacemaking agent by :bulb::eyeglasses:

  1. Identifying and describing urban, regional, territorial conflicts at locality using global and locally understanding
    For :innocent:
  2. Facilitate its development towards conciliation.