#CURITIBA | first Meetup


hello everyone!
in this topic the aim is to discuss about Curitiba and the civicWise community here.


The idea is to have a meetup on the 2nd week of september at Villa Coworking together with a hangout in wich it would be nice to hava Dome speaking about CivicWise!


Hello @Dani_Wal that’s a great news. I will be happy to help and participate with this first meetup. Will be on 12th of september? What time?


I thought about the 12th ot 19th of September, which one is better for you?
Around 7:30pm (Brazil time).


GO @Dani_Wal go ! :slight_smile: …CW’s energy !! we try be there, here on dicuss or Hangout. 07h30 in Brazil is 12h30 in european time no ?


So good to ear this @Dani_Wal :grinning:
Hope I can join


It will be nice If you could join @FrancescoP and @Archivox_NMonnot ! :slight_smile:

The time in EU is 5h more than here, @Archivox_NMonnot!


Hello Everyone! Today I have met Camilo at Villa Coworking and regarding the coworking agenda the best day to the CW-Curitiba meeting is on the 26 or 29th of September! Is it fine @urbanohumano @FrancescoP ?

We have talked about organizing na event do discuss about parklet in Curitiba (it had been aprooved by the municipality a few weeks ago) and intoducing CW on this event, we thought about it as a way to grab more people to the meeting!


ok any date for me, let me know when. go wisers!


Dani let me know if you need some help :slight_smile:


Hello !!
Guys, I think i could be interesting to start with a big hangout during Civic Factory in Valencia. Can we organize it?


Hello everyone!
On Saturday after our hangout I ve talked with curitiba’s circles and we have had an invitation, Atelier Da Rua will make an workshop during an event called I ENCONTRO DE URBANISMO COLABORATIVO COURB (https://www.courb.org/pt/) on the 10 / 11th of november, and they have suggested to have the beginning of the Curitiba’s circles hangout on during their event.


I think is a very good idea! What time would be the HO?


Hello @urbanohumano, I see you will be quite busy. Would you like to propose a time that can be good for you and I try to set it in our event here?


Hello @urbanohumano , @FrancescoP !:slight_smile:
About the time, can it be at 14:30h (Brasil Time) ?
As you will be all together how can we present the on going CW projects? Do you have any suggestion?