Current status of Civicwise main site and circle websites


I write this topic to have a reference text to know the current solution for the Civicwise main website.

This is not about all civicwise digital infrastructure, just about Civicwise main site and subsites for circles.

  • is working with WordPress.
  • We use a WP Multisite installation and each circle may have its own site. For instance, Civicwise Madrid. Besides the sites for circles, there is a Magazine subsite too.
  • All the sites have been certificated with Let’s Encrypt to work with SSL protocol. Let’s Encrypt is a free certification authority. So we save some money here :slight_smile:


Is this possibility join the reflexions of @FrancescoP in HANGOUT SESSION 30th May 2016 about the necessity of Website CW - (country) ? Indeed we need to structure CivicWise Paris so lot of questions about network : FB gourps, FB page, Subwebsite ?


Civicwise Paris already has its own subsite:

If you need anything else from the WordPress infrastructure, let me know.


Hey very good work…i think nobody knew that CW Paris have got it’s own website ! Great ! The link to FB is a link to FB group that is non-public one. We were asking ourselves the necessity to open (or not) a FB page as @FrancescoP did for Italy. What do you think about it?


It depends… I don’t know the particular needs of Civicwise Paris.

If you want access to Paris subsite, i can create a user for you.

I think @urbanohumano was involved in the creation of Paris subsite. Maybe you can ask him about it.


Thanks for answers. The need is to make a better diffusion of CW Paris towards public. We organise reflexions about that for a meeting in september so i needed your point of view as you already made a big work :slight_smile:


Hello everybody,
We are setting up a little a team of communication, internal and external, and we already had a first meeting with @Archivox_NMonnot and many others.
We are going to focus also on this issue of the network of the circles, in order to build toghether the guide/protocol of how to build a circle.
As we talked in the hangout opening a Facebook page from many thing, first the necessities that a circle or a network has, as also @skotperez said.
Let’s keep working on it





The CW_COM_GOVERNANCE_IN PROGRESS is the document we were working on for #lc_paris . There is 3 Tabs: What is Governance? Historic of CW Governance since 2014 - CW Governance . This last Tab is about communication and try to check communication external and internal and roles of Civicwisers. The CW-COM-EXTERNAL-TwitterNode is some reflexions about the twitter importance as a node to FB page and Website. Can question the relevance of FB/Twitter glocal accounts outside the glocal website. Can question too the relevance of Worshops as GC FB/Twitter account outside the local circle that welcome it. It’s an open question.


Great work guys!

I will try to be in the next meeting.

All this organization has to be told in the website. A map to browse civicwise circles and members was planned. Maybe is a good moment to rethink if this map is already accurate and what information we want to show on it.


I think yes it’s very important you be there…if you can of course :slight_smile:


@skotperez Hello again :slight_smile: In the Main Website there was this great idea of @orsola that could be usefull for share internal communication between all circle. Is there a way to have access to it for prepare something for our next meeting Monday 05th September ?


I have created a user for you that grants you access to the main site. You will find all the details and credentials in your email inbox.


Respect : very quick answer! Thanks a lot…the email in discourse or Gmail ?