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Hello @everyone :slight_smile:

A few weeks ago we had a great “meeting camp” in Madrid. Taking advantage of the amount of wisers that were here during a week, we try to discuss importants topics that involve the whole community. You can find the restitution of this topics here.

One of the main topic was about our website and some external-internal communication issues. I think that we all are agree about the necessity to make a powerful update to our website in which right now you can’t find so much about us…not even the 10% of the work that we developed along the last months. But is not only about project and work but about how we tell and explain what is CivicWise and why are we useful and necessary for others. This was a topic that we debate in Glocal Camp Valencia and all of us seems to be quite agree about it, even though…the work is still to be done… :frowning: Is difficult for us to invest the amount of time that this task need, so some of us (@Pinfairo, @skotperez and me) launch this initiative that we think could work.

The idea is to have the new website and a better internal and external communication for the next Glocal Camp in L’Hospitalet (Barcelona).

Please, take a look on this document and share with us your concerns, comments and suggestions about it.

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thanks @pascual_pg to start this thread.
I want to add the material from the last glocal camp about Communication, that actually have been one of the most important issues we touched.
take a look at the meeting minutes and the “screen shots”, there are some useful elements about the web and its functions. I think ti was good because we started to imagine how we wanted the website to be, and we can reach and develop this idea going trough steps. Good if we do a first one before this Glocal Camp in L’Hospitalet


@pascual_pg @FrancescoP Very Happy to see those threads coming back and of course, questions about internal and external communication. A little historic of what we told about during the CW | COM | ADMIN | MEETING SESSIONS from August to October 2016:

22 August 2016, we made general reflexions about

  1. "What are the problems on the web site?"
    The web site also has low movement
    It is very difficult to give a definition of what is civicwise
    The web site doesn’t correspond with the rhythm of the community
    Information should have a point where it is centralized, there should be a space where Communication has the same rhythm of the community
    Big event has to have the same protocols or in general the same Communication of every diary activities?
    When we have a big event we don’t have the capacity to follow the rithm, we can have contents but we don’t have a responsible to do it.
    We need to build a team

  2. What can we do?
    Web site is the center of Communication
    There is a difference between tools and strategy , we can use the same tools with different strategies (for big events and special activities)
    Find right now responsible of specific task while we build the a bigger team
    Have a weekly meeting
    Have different lines of communications: we can have a more narrative communication and a more fast and concise communication.

Remember that internal and external communication are linked together
Communication is :

  1. The act of making common to the public what is CivicWise : this is what we call external communication

  2. The act of putting what is CivicWise in the possession of another :this is what we call internal communication and we recognize in this definition the peer-to-peeer governance of CW. This is perhaps what we should call Transmission. Why? Because CW_communication will be possible and effective only if CW_transmission is possible, that is to say if local circle can share the evolution of their project to the others circles.
    Communication and Transmission are linked : we need to think at both at the same time:
    Production > Transmission > Communication

That’s what we called the CircleWise

The WEBSITE could be an obvious tool for taking this role of LINK between external and internal communication :
For example, the CLICK AND GO document for explain the DRIVE and then all the CW Work . Very easy to put inside a Web page with Iframe.

Then we have to think about the relation between the WEBSITE and our SOCIAL TOOLS: FB, TWITTER, GOOGLE PLUS, etc. The Website once again could easily show the dynamism of the Community by showing the POSTS more clearly :

Let’s think about it Wisers . Adelante ! And big hugs to all !


I would like to celebrate this iniciative. We need to go ahead with our communication. If @pascual_pg @skotperez and @Pinfairo would be coordinating this new action I will be happy to contribute as a collaborator. I hope more people could join us as collaborators or participants. To speed up the process I agree with the proposal that coordinators will receive a little money contribution and the rest of the team we will do without any contribution… it’s a good experiment also for the future to understand how we can use internally some resources… Avanti Tutta!!!


I 'm not sure if I agree with this, also if in the doc I think it’s not explicated why the remuneration is only for the coordinators and not for all the workgroup as we are doing in the others projects.
I think that it’s a kind of “taking care” of the community to communicate well these kind of decisions and passages like these.
At the same time we need to be effective, so keep on rolling!


So happy to see your comments here @urbanohumano @Archivox_NMonnot and @FrancescoP :slight_smile:

  • @Archivox_NMonnot: Very interesting reflection and so link with the main ideas that we discuss here in Madrid few weeks ago. There is a huge development on the work that you guys do last summer. Of course will be a task to revisit all this work done and try to go deeper from that. :wink:

  • @urbanohumano: at the hangout session today we were discussing about this idea of internal experiment for the future. Use the emergency situation that we have with the website as an opportunity that we give ourselves to start walking on this and experiment with this internal governances and resources issues. :wink:

  • @FrancescoP: About why are just the coordination group who are the ones getting this basic economical investment, maybe could help the discussion that some of us had today at the hangout session. Here I let you the meeting minutes doc:

Let’s keep going, keep rolling and embracing this process! :wink:
Seguimos para bingo! :stuck_out_tongue:


hello people,
don’t forget that about protocols and internal communication there is some work done.
I think it could be useful, mainly the notes we’ve been keeping about PROTOCOLS