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Hi everybody!

This is my first post and, first of all, I would like to congratulate all of us for being part of this necessary and ambitious project!

As part of the team from the beginning with Domenico and, after experiencing the incorporation of new people to this network I just wanted to stress the importance of the way and channels of communication and visualization of what we are doing. I think is very important to be able of communicating in a very concise and effective way what CW wants to be, and how it works in order to make it more understandable to the general public but also to potential new civic wisers.

As some of you have suggested before it is very important to consider the different profiles that may be interested in the project, to make it easier for them to get involved. Lots of people are very interested but not all of them can join the hangouts, other may not be up on all the networks, there are who find very complex to access to all the platforms we are using and also there are who is just interested in using or knowing the “final product” but not the process.

I think it is important to consider all those situations when we communicate from CW because i found that there is a lot of people interested in the project but, when they come in contact with it they get confused because they find it very complex.

In this sense I wanted to know your opinion about that and looking together for solutions in order to improving it. I think we should communicate in a very visual, structured and concise way some points >>
( We started with something like that in a very very beta stage here: CWroadmap )

->Final product we’re looking for and vision. We may not know exactly how it will be CW at the end of the process, but I think it is positive to show our initial intentions.

->Stages of development and what point we are right now

->Tools and work platforms and how we use them.

-> Opennes and what a new civicwiser can bring to the project.

-> I think that beyond the methodology we are working on, it is even more important the community we are building behind of that. I think it would be nice having like a “bestiary” or a map of the people and projects related to CW. It would make even easier to find people and projects

What do you think about that? Do you have suggestions?
Looking forward to your point of view on this.


Hello Pinfairo,

I’d like to contribute on the full scope of your post, but time constrains… so I will not refrain to just propose something on here below point :

I am currently engaged on role definition, and I picked up a Graph Database (neo4j) to build the datamodel and to easy its visualization.
It can go further associating further all circles, roles and skills of each CivicWiser representing the (enable to be live queried) map you was referring to.

This assume some more data present, but the CW project is ambitious; the database can be used to identify similarities of people/skills/projects (up to provide recommendations) and other kind of data investigation based on meaningful relationships: to just find contributors, to be able to find who to contact for a circle, to find a specific skill or experience.

Here a draft : (really a draft) and a dedicated internal discussion here





I really like the role definition model in the draft. I have two main concerns:

  • I am not really sure how the effort equals skills. I mean, are we sure that the number of hours dedicated to Civicwise is enough for someone for having the skills for being a representative and speaking on the name of CivicWise?.
    I am not really sure that everyone that pass the hours limits will be always qualified for that.
  • My second question is regarding how to quantify hours: 100hours total? from the beginning? shouldn’t it be better to consider instead of 100 or 300 the monthly hours availability?


Ciao Ana, I will update and clarify your questions into the dedicated thread here; to avoid to hijack further this thread (I was admittedly the first :stuck_out_tongue: )


Within the #Governance Circle we are working on the definition of different roles any of us could have within CivicWise community.
Working on it, we realised that is important to calibrate the communication flow to any different role.
For instance if you just became a civicwiser you may don’t need to receive all the information about any activity we are doing. What I mean is that we need also to clarify how we spread the information. Of course of the information we have it’s accesible to any member, but communication it’s something different, isn’t just publishing information, it’s about getting people informed.
I think as soon as we have a clear definition of the different roles within the community, we should define how we manage the information flow.


Hi everyone! I agree with the points raised in this thread by Pinfairo. I havent been around in a while in part because of these challenges that are mentioned here. But this week I received a nice summary in my mail with this post, thanks to our friends at discourse! So definitely agree with being informed and the difference with “information overload”.

Have you heard about the project ONODO that CIVIO (Spain) is working on?

I copy below a description of the project in spanish, seems very relevant to visualize relationships within communities in an efficient way:

Se gesta desde hace muchos meses, y por fin podemos anunciarlo. En 2015 y 2016 estaremos trabajando para crear Onodo, una herramienta con la que queremos que cualquier ciudadano, colectivo u organización pueda analizar, visualizar y compartir redes complejas de relaciones aplicadas a cualquier ámbito que afecte a su comunidad. Si se puede reflejar como una red, con Onodo podrás cartografiarla y mejorar el conocimiento colectivo en cualquier contexto.


Hi everyone,

In response to the challenge of keeping in the loop of everything that’s going on, we decided to create a weekly summary post on our blog, which will be published every Saturday morning.
We launched it last week and you can see the first one here. Please tell us what you think about the idea, if you find it useful and any further feedback/ advise on how to improve it.

It would be great to have a better name than the boring ‘This week on CivicWise’. Any idea??


It is nice to have such visibility! Furthermore this digest present most if not all links and hot topics around in a convenient fashion. Just great.


Thanks @levm. Glad you find it useful.

I just added a tag ‘weekly summary’ to the This week in CivicWise blog posts, to be able to easily filter them. The name isn’t great (sorry, names aren’t really my thing) so let me know if you have any other idea and I’ll change it. A 1-word tag would be great


Hello everybody,
We start again with this old topic because we are improving the communication strategies and protocols.
I hope that doing this also who was involved in the previous phases woul like to join.
The situation now is that we need to develop and structure the Internal and the External communication of the Community of CivicWise.
We are setting up a team that will be meeting every Monday at 10.00a.m. (Paris time), and we have already had 2 meetings, here the links:

As you can see we are in a preliminary phase, so there are some issues and reflection to do of general value before entering in the issues of creating protocols for internat and external communication.

We keep talking

#tc_civictechlab | Protocol & Core organitation


To extend the previous discussion and the fact that Communication (The act of making common to the public what is CivicWise) and Transmission (The act of putting what is CivicWise in the possession of another Wiser ) are linked and that we need to think at both at the same time, here is a draft in progress that can be more explicit . We have called it CircleWise cause it’s really a circle : Production - Transmission - Communication


CW COMMUNICATION EXTERNAL : For the question of External Communication and precisly the question of use of Social Media here is some reflexions about the twitter importance as a node to FB page and Website. Can question the relevance of FB/Twitter glocal accounts outside the glocal website. Can question too the relevance of Worshops as GC FB/Twitter account outside the local circle that welcome it. It’s an open question.

Our platform in Drive is moving toward the Slack’s Protocol and it’s really more clear. It’s time i think to precise how we organise it. For example, every Circle has got presentation of CivicWise, CVs, Contacts etc. This should be transmit in CW Communication Drive for make it Global .

  • New role : CW Transmetter ?

A new role within civicwise should be created for 6 months: transmitter. The goal would be to make the interface between the circles (production) and communication: agendas audit, verification of data (pictures, videos), etc. This role of transmitter is intended to be stop after 6 months when each circle takes Automation to send automatically the data.

  • Example : Global Agenda

We have already started by checking Agendas of all circle and try to make it GLOBAL. We have send to Wisers that were discussing in Slack about communication the link to this agenda. It’s an example of Transmission that interest both internal and external communication : internal for know what’s happening in other circles (hangout, festivals, works) and external cause could be part of CivicWise Website for show the huge work we are making. Each task you put in the CircleWise can have both internal and external interest.


as proposed in the last meeting I have prepared a list to fill with our need when we first got in touch with the community and the platform.
Starting from our experience it could be a way to find a more coherent way to organize our communication.
the link here


A fast update for the @channel with the main updates from 05/09/2016 session:

  • link to the minutes

  • we decided to have this temporary task of “transmission” of the updates and changes in communication and the huge work we are doing.
    As first step we will restore the weekly newsletter that @orsola begun and that was very useful and interesting.
    @Archivox_NMonnot and Monica Berri are taking care of this. maybe @orsola would like to support and pass the hand.

  • following the proposal of @skotperez we will join all the minutes of the sessions in one document, to have a better flow of the discussion and memory. I’ll post it here when ready, anyone that wants to join the work is welcome, we can contact on Slack.

following the Hangout session there was the proposal of @carlotta like the person that takes care of publishing about events coming up in the magazine.
in this case I would suggest to @carlotta to team up with @k0paka and @mariatome that were interested in the magazine.
There is a channel on Slack to recollect the news we want to be published #cw_com_spread seems a good idea, we have to find a way to update everybody in the community that there is this new channel

see ya next monday nice people!


CW | COM | ADMIN | minutes

Concerning the proposition of @skotperez to join all minutes in one document i’ve got an observation :

As there is one session per week it’s going to be perhaps a big document.

Perhaps what we need to be efficient is to create one Document that give conclusions of the minutes and not everything (reflexions, etc) .This way, we could keep the minutes are they are but structure it by a conclusion one which evolves following conclusions made or not.

Here is the proposition for a CONCLUSIONS SESSION document in addition of meeting minutes. I think is usefull for resume the conclusions made in each sessions about internal and external communication : CW | COM | Conclusions Meetings What do you think ?

An other point is : when do we consider that the conclusions we are making in those sessions are validated and that we can move on ? Do we consider that after one week, conclusions are put in action ? For example, protocols. If it’s the case it could be usefull to export Minutes in PDF to get a stated document while we leave open the Google Doc for future reflexions of Wisers .



A very important point link to Governance is Who are Civicwisers?

For example, to explain to a new member or for welcoming, what could be best than says clearly : our community is composed of X friends, X participants, X leaders and X connectors. Even for an event as CFF, i think it’s very important when we engage partners.

Governance’s principles says : “CivicWisers and Connectors must write a public report describing the activities they have developed during the first six month of membership in order to be confirmed.”. Perhaps is it the moment for every civicwisers or connectors to do it in the Dicourse Forum as Domenico Di Siena or Extremadura did. Could be usefull for all community.

Question is : When we launch this movement? How we contact Wisers ? When and in what form ? Do we make a special day dedicate to it? What do you think ?


I understand the need of taking some conclusions of each session, but also staying compact in one doc it is helpful.
I think that if we edit the doc with the structure as @skotperez also suggested we can have a clearer document, because we can have a summary of all the minutes at the beginning of the doc and each session is divided by chapter and sub chapter.
Could conclusions be one of these? and also could we have a Task chapter also, were we write down who is going to do what?
I think @skotperez gave us a good reference with the work of Civictech circle on their actul project with medialab. take a look here at their minutes example doc (remember to open the structure of the document to see chapters and sub chapters)

I t is just to not being too fractals with documents and make it easy to anyone to read it or incorporate at any time.

about being a very long document it is also up to us to be concise adn put in the the doc clear and short sentences, for example in the part of Reflection that we create I shouldn’t start any debate about the proposals, as they will be discussed in the Hangout.