Developing CivicWise's website with blogs


I think it is time to study how to boost the CivicWise’s website.

Despite the number of accounts in social networks and all the daily work we make for the common goal of our project, the fact is that today we do not have a site being the reference for our fans… and ourselves

Our website is updated with difficulty and does not accumulate content that marks our pace and define our environment.

I want to start acting with what I have and I would like to turn my blog,, into a CivicWise’s blog.

The first blog of a possible network of blogs that could be created over time.

I understand that technical solutions could be several and in no case a problem.

Alfonso, our expert on the subject, answered this way:

There are several ways to do this civicwisers blog network. It could be done by subdomains, ie,

Could also be made keeping domains of each one, in your case, but adding to CivicWise’ website a common top bar that allows jumping from one blog to another, permitting know that visited blog is part of the network CivicWise . Something like what this micromedia weblogs network has:

What is your opinion?