Documentation Protocol


With our Glocal Camp codesign process we are dealing with a lot of information.
There are several groups working and it’s easy to get lost.
We need to pay attention on our internal communication and have a well documentation protocol.

First of all each group should choose a person or two in charge of this documentation job.
Each week each group should publish on this forum a brief with the the most important updates of the week.
The brief should includes a short video: max 2 minutes. You should upload the video directly on CivicWise youtube channel. If you don’t have access ask someone on Communication Group to give you access.

This brief should have this format:

Title: groupname | weekly | brief #1

Short Abstract :
*Logistic group is gonna have a meeting with the City Council during the next weeks, so we will know the resources we have.

  • Is it not confirmed yet, but most probably the city council let us a building for 6 months.
    *There is an Artist group next to the square very interested in collaborate with all the process, ¿so we can use their installations and resources?

Short Video Recorded
(to ad the video here just put the link, the video will appear automatically)