Domenico Di Siena as Connector from Paris


Hello CivicWise Communty. I’m pleased to announce here my Connector activity.
Actually as the instigator and co-founder I already spent more than one year working on this amazing project.

What I already did for CivicWise
This format to annouce my engagement as CivicWise connector came after a long collective work we developed after the first launch event in London.
During the last year:

Next six months as Connector
My engagement and my time as a CivicWise connector during the next six months will be dedicated to:

  • Coordinate the first CivicWise Glocal Meeting that will take place in Paris on may.
  • Consolidate the Paris circle.
  • Coordinate the website and global communication until our first physical meeting in may.
  • Get people involved.
  • Travel to connect with CivicWise community and promote it.
  • Coordinate the spanish online cours “Diseño Cívico”.
  • Colaborate with french online cours “Design Civique”.

Domenico Di Siena (@urbanohumano)
I’m an Architect, Civic Designer and Researcher. I work to improve the cities and territories we inhabit. I design and develop processes and tools to help local authorities, organizations and universities to collaborate with citizens for the common good. I promote the culture of collaboration with the use of new technologies for Located Collective Intelligence processes, where citizens (re) become protagonists of the actions, which determine the identity, and character of the territory they inhabit.
I founded the URBANOHUMANO firm that works on Urban and Civic Innovation projects and I’m the instigator and co-founder of the CivicWise that is generating openly the first consulting p2p platform for the promotion of Collaborative Urbanism and Civic Engagement.