#GLCAMP #logistics


Hello everybody!
in the last hangout we said to set up channels of discussion about every work-group of Glocal Camp in Paris, to coordinate better local and global community.

We try here to coordinate the to search resources and methods needed to carry out the organization and service.

we have now the priority to make an idea of what we will need in the week of the camp, because we have to relate with the local council in order to ask them what we need!
so it-s time to make a first idea of the needs, we can contribute in this [LOGISTIC LIST]

I would like to also introduce an idea to recollect waste materials in order to realize the furniture and the design of the place. Is there in Paris someone or some associations/enterprise that already works in design by recycling waste materials? because very probably they have a network of enterprises/factory where they recollect the wastes. We could involve them in the camp and ask them to share their network with the camp in order to provide materials.
does anybody think it-s possible?


This is a link with the updated LIST for the #logistics of the Glocal Camp event…Maria added a link to the draft of the event’s program, something that I think is helpful!