@Glocal Camp_First approach


15th, May

(1st meeting in Paris)


1º GENERAL STRUCTURE of the week:
9:00h at Volumes to take the chairs
9:30 checkin in PlaÇe des Fêtes
Come back to Volumes to bring the chairs to the square
20:00 Check out
(Then, we will bring the chairs to Volumes and have dinner)


*General needs in each session:
1 minute video of resume for the session that will take place
A person taking notes
A person making another kind of documentation of the process and conclusions
A conclusion of the discuss in the foro will appear in order to inform the rest of the people
Google Drive: documentation

*About the workshop (lenght and ending of the workshop): (each session will last one hour in order to finish the project in this period of time; several projects working at the same time (several groups)
1 HOUR + half an hour of resume (what we´ve learn and expectations)
General meeting: At the end of each session every group will join in one to make a general resume and discuss together the final decisions

1 hour = work
Half an hour = discuss and summarize + create a document

3º *General topics to talk about:
Governance group should take some decssions of the future of the community (how could people we part of CivicWise?)
How can we work together to “survive” (civic economy)


Ior order to have a structure to start any kind of proyect from CivicWise, we need to define:
Civic Governance*
Civic tech + Civic economy
Civic spaces/point

Who we are (what are our skills and knowledge), what we do, how we can do it sustainable – to define our business model/rules-- GLOSSARY
How are we going to promote this projects
How are we going to improve the network and the INTERNAL COMMUNICATION
BALANCE between autonomous and civicwise network

Civic Spaces:
Define how the civic spaces are and how they can be open labeled
As a part of a territory and a bigger network at the same time

*BADGES: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_vIIvAyFJ3nQuHXFu5hbmaaF3BOVMwTSlMzqxhiznKM/edit

We have define responsibles for each group and specific colours to represent each badge:

*Here you can get some more information: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aAMc9LsxrDA1jYZGqLiBoJneiyZDcrc13smd9ebtG70/edit
** A video is going to be shared VERY SOON!