@Glocal Camp | HARVESTING conversations that matter


Harvesting as the process that enables the individual and collective sense making. Glocal Camp came up as an opportunity for the whole CivicWise community to accelarate the process of sense making. We want to explore what is the NEED behind our actions and what is the INVITATION to collaborate. If we are able to gain CLARITY on those topics, we will gain COMMITMENT to ACT in the future.

“Harvesters” focus is on capturing the wisdom, remembering, seeing patterns and making meaning – and then making this meaning ‘visible’ and available. This is a clear distinction from boring note-taking, we need to make sense of what we are experiencing and we are doing it by creating something beautiful that can help us move forward.

A checklist for planning the harvest

The question you can ask yourself is: What would be useful and add value - and in which form would it serve best?

Translated into a simple check-list:

• What intent are you holding?
• Who is going to benefit from or use the harvest?
• How can you add most value to the work at hand – how will the harvest serve best?
• What form or what media will be most effective?
• Who should host or do the harvest?
• What is the right timing?

There are several ways to help in this process:.

• Harvest in a systemic way. Ask collectively: What did you notice? What gave sense and meaning to you? Notice the patterns! They indicate what is emerging!
• Metaphors are ways of making complex issues simple
• So are mental models, and
• Stories and…
• Graphic renderings. Drawings can make complex issues manageable and visible
• Clustering, voting etc. can add clarity and reduce noise

Meaning-making can also happen in a conversation at the next level.

Harvesting from the past:
You may look back and ask: What did we learn? What made sense? Where are we now in the journey? What are the next steps?

Harvesting in the present:
What are we sensing? What are we noticing now? What patterns are emerging? etc.

Harvesting for the future:
You may also look forward: look for the issues or questions that you know will feed the next inquiry and feed those
back into the system.

Harvesting for emergence:
“What question, if answered, would shift us to the next level?

The powerful seeds are the powerful questions defined by the following qualities:

A powerful question is:

• Simple and clear
• Thought provoking
• Generates energy
• Focuses inquiry
• Challenges assumptions
• Opens up to new possibilities
• Evokes more questions

A powerful question focuses Attention,Intention and Energy

Recording can be done in words, audio, pictures, drama, video, music or any form of communication that inspire people not only to learn about it, but also to contribute to a living form of knowledge.

Our biggest harvest might be the relationships that we build, the shift in perspective or the TRUST that we have accumulated, but we cannot let the chance of growing together go away.