GLOCAL CAMP | Working on CivicWise Governance


Hello glocalcampers :wink:
Next week we will be finally together in Paris. Will be a great occasion to get our community better organised.
One of the most important items I think we have to work during the camp it’s about our Governance.
This would include any reflection about our:

  • legal form
  • different roles: funs, members, civicwisers and connectors
  • the protocol to join CivicWise > there will be a fee to pay or not?
  • ¿how create a local circle?
  • business model
  • partnerships
  • documentation protocol
  • tools
  • internal and external communication
  • how to start new projects…

Please let us know if you have any other comment about governance and what you think we should take in account regarding this theme. Would be really useful to have your reactions before de beginning of the Glocal Camp next monday.

During all the week of Glocal Camp we will be working on it and publishing here every day an abstract that could help people contributing from the distance.


Hi you all !

As @urbanohumano mention, this is a strategic moment to develop and push futher this topic on CivicWise governance ! This is the GLocal topic, I believe will bring many answers and the main Glocal Camp conclusions.

For it we need the contribution of all !

Thus, I suggest to have in our Glocal Camp schedule (last week day - Friday), one big afternoon or maybe more, dedicated to a Global CivicWise assembly, where the question is no more each project, but the debate and conclusion about CivicWise as a global project. Establishing the main rules and targets of CivicWise, at least until the next GlocalCamp in 6 or 12 months.