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Hello everybody,
let’s try here to discuss about the civic engagment in the week of the Glocal Camp in Paris.
we should focus on how Local and Global CivicWise comunities should relate to one another.

in the first part of the last hangout we discussed about the following
here goes the link to the VIDEO
please anyone correct me if I understood wrong.

the main difficulty seems to be the language, as the Local Comunity will relate with the neighborhood in French, an the Global Community will work in English.

The Local CW community (CivicWise Paris) in the next months will work to map the main actors who could participate, and to sensibilize the neighborhood about the Camp.
they will also find out what kind of activities/workgroup that could engage the neighbors could be realized in the week of the Camp.
Once that the engagement activity for the territory will be defined, during the Camp the CivicWise Paris will be the link between Local and Global community in order to find, in the Global community, the expertise need in the workgroup or engagement activity run by the Local community.

On a parallel side, during the Camp the Global Community will work mainly on 4 main workgroup about CivicWise and its evolution/development:
2- CIVIC POINTS how to create a network
The Global Community should also be ready to offer the experties needed in the activities of the Local Comunity in the Camp

the first action suggested by @urbanohumano for the Global Comunity is to find a way to map the experties inside the CivicWise comunity to better know what we can offer to the local community during the camp.
It’s a real internal mapping about skills, experts, experiences that goes in parallel with the local mapping of main actors run by CivicWise Paris on the territory (already started).

Let’s try now to coordinate about this, please contribute an follow the channel on GLOCALCAMP Slack #civic-engagment where we will set up the meetings by hangout.


Thank you @FrancescoP

We who are not that up-to-date about the organisation welcome posts like this! In my case, I missed the first Hangouts and will honestly be hard to join the following. I believe we’ll be able to shape a substantial contribution from the meetings coordinated at Madrid in april, and meanwhile I’d like to come up with ideas in terms of thematic subjects for activities.

One is related to civic local engagement that you mention could be mapped, focused on the ‘senior comunity’. More precisely, the relationship of elder people with technology. This is the field explored by (at least) one association in Paris I think we could easily reach.
¿What about an event that could combine the topics “Seniors - Tecnology - Engagement”?


here is the last update by video, try to take a look @alberto_C .
the two mapping are different, the local group is already mapping local actors, and the global group will map itself (the community) in order to be ready to provide the expertise that the local actions, leaded by the local group, will need in the week of the camp.


Hello everyone!
This is the 2nd Video Update for the #civic-engagement Glocal Camp group (hangout realized on 07.04.2016)

Google Drive https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XznAO45KMnHeImSRREzNFzbUlObTkooUiJVNu_EQr3c/edit


Hello everyone!!
You can find the 3rd update of civic engagement global group in this link:

The cW skills mapping has been launched! :slight_smile:


Hello @channel ! Here are some news from #civic-engagement group of Glocal Camp in Paris!
The CW mapping phase01 is still running! This is the last call to complete the CivicWise Mapping form. Please try to fill in the following form if you haven’t already done. THE DEADLINE IS SUNDAY 1st MAY 2016 http://civicwise.us10.list-manage.com/track/click?u=b4213d3d221c6744b4ce6aea6&id=945e7c3c2c&e=bd35821f48
Here is our last update https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caeK9VbGD-k