@GlocalCamp | #CivicSpace


One of the topic we would like to discuss about during the GlocalCamp.
-> Figure out a common definition and declension of CivicSpaces
-> How to create and develop a Civicspaces Network?
-> What would this network look like? (what to share? what to organise? what kind of partnership?..)


yes. It’s absolutely an important topic!


I propose to have dedicated workshops, on this topic, where existing and emerging Civic Points / Spaces can be discussed and developed, separately and/or together.


For the “CiviSpaces” definition, perhaps first of all we need to compare to terms that already exist : Civic Center (1951) > Centro Civico (1980), Public Space (1960 : Habermas) . In what “civispace” is different, what reality is inside ? It’s a work i’m begining to do in the Design Civic course in Paris with all terms (civic, public, glocal, etc). But the best is to share this work with you ? :slight_smile: