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dear mates

as you know, we are launching a crowdfunding campaign to edit a book about Glocal Camp and for that we need a text and a video telling our story

in this channel I will share material, news and breakthroughs

I expect, as well, your opinions, ideas, contributions and… english proficiency

here is an initial text, go for it!

Civicwise is a platform for the development of collective intelligence in the realm of urbanism and civic innovation and engagement.

An international, open community born in London in 2014 with the aim of serving as a tool for collection and sharing of knowledge produced around the issue.

Civicwise is also a place of meeting and an infrastructure where get organized with another people of matching concerns, to launch projects, taking advantage of what others learnt when they faced the same challenges and the same doubts.

Civicwise is a library and a workshop, a classroom, a club, a gang of friends and sometimes, everything must be said, a bar.

Civicwise collective will hold a meeting in Paris between 16th and 22nd of May.

A call to build community, to ease the meeting of members and focus our energy, to debate about ourselves and topics we are interested in.

During that week “we will camp” on Place des Fêtes of Paris to work hard and enjoy our friends coming from different countries.

The event will carry out with the very means of participants and support from Municipality but we need financing for the edition of a book documenting the experience and gathering our work on 3 topics:

  • worldwide places that are hosting this way of thinking
  • worldwide projects that are implementing initiatives to foster these processes
  • research on the subject


@GlocalCamp | #crowdfunding | brief #1

*This group is working on the text for the crowdfunding and also on the video to promote it.
*For the video we are gonna use the technical of Stop Motion and it will be divided in 5 parts:

  1. INTRO: very catching to take the attention of people
  2. PRESENTATION: who we are and how we work. Main values of CivicWise
  3. INVOLVING people: how can they collaborate
  4. PURPOSE: what is the crowdfunding for --> book publication <–
  5. ENDING: closing the video making reference how we started it,

*We will keep posting the process about how is going the video and the organization of the crowdfunding. KEEP UPDATED!:wink:




Hello everyone.

I have one proposal to the group of Crowdfunding.

Maybe we could create one architecture competition for students.
First of all, I don’t like how the competitions are working today, but … we could addapt and create something more interesting for the participants.


  1. All participants must register with a small fee (which would contribute entirely to the publication, thats the idea). Normally, the fee is 30€ per group and in groups of 3.
  2. The project should be something realizable and according to the work we do in CivicWise.
  3. We have to be very transparent in this process. Explaining why we do this competition and where are the fee going. Also we have to think about the possible awards for the winners.

And thats all!
It is just and idea …