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Hello Everyone!

Today we had our first meeting!
In witch we had talked about:

1.Thinking about PUBLIC FURNITURE that can work at the square
Some points to have in consideration to think about the furniture:
Very easy to build
Modular (¿How we can do it modular?)
Material that not create a lot of waste. Resilient and resistant

*Logistic group is gonna have a meeting with the City Council during the next weeks, so we will know the resources we have.

  • Is it not confirmed yet, but most probably the city council let us a building for 6 months.
    *There is an Artist group next to the square very interested in collaborate with all the process, ¿so we can use their installations and resources?
    For this group #DesignBuilding, hangout every Tuesday at 13:00 (Paris time)
    (can adapt to people schedule if any is available at that time)

Be connected with the logistics group for the resources we have. So we know the material there is available to use
Some references about tactical urbanism / materials / public furniture / …
Create a Pinterest for all the GlocalCamp event. We can make boards for each group, so we can put references or whatever we think is useful

LINK PERSON: Would be good to have a person for each group who could be the link between the groups, so we can know what is going on and be more connected.




Hello Everyone!

Today we had our second meeting!

  • Athanasia (Nassia) can be in between the groups : logistic and design&build;

The logistic group is still having meetings with the City Council, so we don´t have much information and data, so we will look for images and references in the mean while;

  • The local Civic Engagement group may provide feedback on Thursday 07-04-16, regarding their activities (and maybe give some info on the study area diagnosis, mapping of possible activities, etc.)

  • We will share references at Pinterest; with logistic group and design group

  • We need more pictures from the square (on pinterest?), and the technical drawings too;

  • We need technical drawings, to have more specific information about the area and the surroundings;

  • We will create a list and note document, to be able propose possibilities and open our imagination;

  • The furniture that will be built should be easy to move, modular and it will be used to work in groups and workshops with laptops - chairs, tables.




Hi everyone! By looking the event program, you can note that the monday will be defined the actions and goals for the week, for thursday and wednesday will be the co-construction actions, and must be ready to use from thursday to friday in the square.

The saturday looks like we will have the restitution of the camp on a neighbour event, so i suppose that we will have to transport the building to other place.

Have you consider the idea to be part of the Nuit Debout those days? or better than that, try to engage the local community with that initiative?

Just in case to stay until our meeting, of course.