#GOVERNANCE | Governance Pilot project


Following up #governance hangout held yesterday 28/04/2015 @ 15:00 CEST (Domenico,Orsola,levm)

Minutes of meeting available here

Pilot Governance


  • Circle carers (communication, governance,welcoming)
  • Small team election (Domenico, Orsola, levm)
  • Estimated Time Arrival (ETA)
  • Tools (to clarify interdependency)*
  • mailing list
  • discuss in discourse (flux) ->
  • google document minutes of meeting
  • broadcast in blog
  • chit chat in slack.com
  • hangount (13:00 -> 13:30 CEST)
  • task/issue tracker | project management

Action items:
Description: a small pilot (for local and global) of carers to work as team (duties:communication*,governance**, welcoming***) for the #governance circle

  • [DONE] define the small team carers
  • [levm] broadcast/comment on discourse 29th
  • [ALL] define the tool to use (as per above matrix)
  • [ALL] think about roles and structure

’ spreading what we do (external)
’ governance - as pilot applicable to global and local circles
’ on-boarding