Have you any suggestion about how our #Magazine should be?


We are shaping a new Web Magazine focused on Civic Engagement and Collaborative Urbanism. The idea is to have an Identity reference for all the CivicWise community.
We need to understand what kind of content we want to publish and what categories we are going to use. Any suggestion about how manage the magazine is also welcome.


I would like us to discuss the type of articles we should create. SEO criteria? academic papers criteria? exclusiveness?


I am worried about the type of readers we are targeting as the language should not be the same.


Success stories should probably be a fixed section on the magazine


I´m agree with Ana_COCHO about the target of the magazine and all that stuff. In my opinion the magazine has to be a combination of articles. But I´m not sure if we have to publish academic papers. In my opinion we have to focus on controversial issues that are happening in the cities right now. For example, here in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) a case of gentrification is going on and two weeks ago, the police killed a man because he was trying to resist the eviction. But the community doesn´t take that seriously, we are just worried with our lives and we don´t care much about it.

I will think more about it and come back with more ideas! :slight_smile:


Hello @Ana_COCHO @agatin @iamfelixrios. I think our focus should’t be academic. This Magazine should be an important tool that give a collective and recognizable identity to our community. We should have on it what the community is and what we are concerned about. I think we have to tell success stories and failed stories. We have to be critic but using a simple language. As we are discussing in our principles, we want to be very inclusive, so we have to use inclusive language.
BTW I’m thinking that is important having different languages, with different content. I mean that we can have content that appear just in a language and other that we can translate in different languages.


I think we could add interviews about communitarian activities developed in different countries, so people can get involved and know more about what CW is developing.
And of course, I consider, this interviews should be done by civicwisers… just an idea :slight_smile:


I think we should have different categories like:
CW news
Collaborative cities new proposal around the world-examples
theoretical debate and discourse articles

On the other hand I agree on the idea that the focus should’t be academic…
I also think that writing including SEO rules for google non penalisation should be taken into consideration


Hey there!

I imagine the magazine as a meeting place. Meaning a structure that packs together our first outputs and opinions and constitutes an object of debate.
In this sense, I believe that reports can constitute a valuable starting point. What is our world? who do we connect to? what do we observe and reflect upon?


It would be great if the magazine acts as a way of curating the issues and themes that are surfacing from the Civicwise community, as well as projects & activities that reflect our principles, without forgetting projects Civicwisers are developing themselves!


Hey Everyone!
Many beautiful ideas! I agree with @urbanohumano about the non-academic shape of this Magazine, the more easy-to-read, the more readers! besides we don’t have to worry about “academicness”: if a content is valuable, understandable and sharable, it doesen’t matter how qualified the writer is!
Now, back to the CW WebMag:
I would suggest a serie of Tags to list and archive the upcoming articles, and shape the web menu as well, for example: News, Environment, Architecture, Public Participation, Policies, Innovation, Mission, etc.
The most important things: how many posts we expect to publish and their frequency (daily, weekly monthly), if we’ll send a newsletter (if yes, it is necessary to build a fat mailing list), Is this a Read-Only magazine or there will be also space for debate? Are we accepting “external” articles (if yes, it is necessary to build kinda jury to review this articles)
I have past experience working with online magazines and it’s an honour to share more ideas with anyone else is interested in shaping this new CW creature!
:wave: :wave: :wave: :wave:


Great @k0paka, maybe we should activate a specific workgroup for CivicWise Magazine :wink:


Nice @k0paka! :wink:

We are working to update our website and of course one topic will be the magazine :wink: We will discuss about it on ‘External Communication’ hangout which will take place next wednesday the 14th, join us! :+1:


Hey Pascual! It will be a pleasure, what’s the HO’s time? :raised_hands:


We are making the hangout sessions for this every wednesday at 3pm. Anyway, go to #cw_communication channel on slack, we are organizing everything there you can see if there some change for the date or hour. :wink: