Hello everyone! I am a PhD student interested in the impact of technology on civic participation


Hello everyone!

I hope it is okay that I open a thread just to introduce myself, though a quick search did not return similar posts. However, it seemed like the easiest way to get in touch with the wider CivicWise community.

My name is Federico and I am a PhD student in Urban Studies at the Polytechnic of Turin (DIST) where I am studying the impact of ICTs on civic participation, especially in structured processes that combine physical and virtual interactions between stakeholders.

I am trying to understand how technology, and data practices in particular, have an impact on how people interact with and change urban spaces. Perhaps this is not the right place to go into to too much detail but I would be happy to engage and discuss my theoretical framework more in detail with anyone interested.

At the moment I would like to get familiar with more initiatives around Europe and beyond that use digital tools (or could consider using them) to support physical participation and help people get engaged, deliberate and/or carry out civic monitoring.

I read through some of the posts and found several interesting projects, thus directly I will try to contact some of you directly (though I am not sure how to send private messages at the moment). Anyhow if anyone knows of any person/group/project that works along the lines I just mentioned please let me know.

p.s: I decided to write in English as this is a multi-lingual space but I am fine with responses in Italian, Spanish or French too


Mi sembra interessantissimo il tuo campo di ricerca, spero che potremmo vederci/sentirci presto per scambiare qualche idea.
A presto.


Ciao Daniele,

Grazie mille!
Eri proprio una delle persone che avrei voluto contattare. Se saresti disponibile per una chiacchierata mi farebbe piacere sentirci anche per telefono, intanto ti lascio la mia mal: federico[dot]piovesan[at]polito[dot]it


Buon pomeriggio,
sono Andrea Manca da Cagliari.
Anch’io come Federico indago in termini di ricerca e progetto questo campo specifico e sono estremamente interessato a contribuire al dibattito che in questa sede mi auguro si innescherà. Sono quindi impaziente di conoscerne gli sviluppi.


Hi @Federico, congratulations for your work. It is really interesting and Civic Wise has been working on this directly and indirectly through the Civic Tech Lab and the Hacker Residence (https://residenciacivica.civicwise.org/) that was conducted last fall in Madrid.

You should also have a look at the “#tc_civictechlab | References and interesting links”.

I would super interested in learning about your theoretical framework, I am myself doing research on ICT-based participation, yet more from a socio-political point of entry.

Looking forward to get in touch!



Ciao Andrea! Piacere di conoscerti! Ti rispondo in privato