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Hello @everyone

We keep going on this ‘project’ to define ourselves and what we do.
Following hangout session (wednesday the 7th) we will discuss about our work, how to tell our projects, how to define the services that CivicWise can offer, etc?

I’ve create this thread so we can start to discuss about this. :wink:


First contribution, I think that 4 main topics should be very clear in a main menu on our website regarding our work:

  • Projects: Projects, or cases studies already developed by CivicWise. We need to think how to tell our projects and most important how to build a protocol so would be very easy for everyone to upload the info about a new project on civicwise when is finished.

  • Services: We need to define some services very clear. What CivicWise can offer? Thinking about how to show those services and explain them. Also we need to think about how to achieve a first list of services. One way could be to make a list of all our projects and add tags to those projects. At the end we can collect all those tags and try to build a common list with services.

  • Clients: I think would be very useful to have a clear list of clients that CiviWise already work with.

  • Work in progress: Suggested by @artemi_fasebase during last hangout session, will be a section to show projects which are being develop at this moment so everyone can take a look on which project can join to contribute. For example right now, “La Participación”.

Lost in Translation | INDEX THREAD

During the last hangout session about the website we were discussing about how to tell projects and services on our website.

Check it out HERE some conclusions here and contribute with any comment, concern or suggestion that you might have. :wink: