Lost in Translation | Defining an open and generative brand


Hello wisers!!

This is a topic of discussion open inside the project “Lost in Translation” with the goal of trying to go deeper, to fix enough what defines CivicWise, so everyone outside the network can understands it but making it open enough to not to cut that transition and flow that define us.
(here all the info of the project: http://discourse.civicwise.org/c/communication/lost-in-translation )

This open and evolutive spirit that defines Civicwise must be also integrated in the graphic language of the Civicwise brand. With this purpose we propose this thread to open a place to coordinate the building of an Open and Generative Branding for Civicwise.

The idea is to generate a DNA of the Civicwise brand ( visual identity and its elements) and the combinatorics (protocols of usage and set of files, tools to make the customization possible and easy for everyone) that make the brand something customizable and adaptative to every cw circle.


  • Mission.
  • Values that define us.
  • What makes us different? What is the essence of Civicwise?

Here the key elements we have to define to have the set of visual identity elements:

  • Concept
  • Color
  • Graphic language.
  • Combinatorics.
  • Logo. Families.
  • Type
  • Imaginery

There is a deadline to have the beta Civicwise site ready for the Glocal Camp in july 8th. We will test some of these elements already for that moment since we need some of them for the website. However we will focus our work on these concepts starting from the Glocal Camp to have them ready before the end of september.

For the moment we’re opening this thread, as well as the channel we already have in slack for the communication topic.

Our idea is to have a session to present it and start wokring on this concept during the glocal camp in Barcelona. Later, after the Glocal, we can start arranging hangouts sessions about the different topics.

This is is for now. Let us know if you have any concern, thought, or idea to share. Thank you!!
Big hugs and see you soon in the glocal!! :kissing_closed_eyes: :sunglasses:


Hey! I made few changes in the document and also uploaded a pdf preview with some images to the folder. You can find it here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6v7-Yc771u-M0ZqR1Rxa2pIXzA

The document to contribute that @pascualpg created is here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1YbEFjfQOIZpwSLF_U5LbY0ewmFxEWDRKlBvLCnltvY8

This would be for the beta website. As we said i we need images and a more or less permanent content for the website. From this we can create a booklet with protocols, rules and documents to make it usable by everyone as suggested in the former post.