Lost in Translation EXTITUTION & 10% contribution for CivicWise


Hello @everyone, I’m opening this thread to keep going a conversation that came up last week during Glocal Camp in Canary Island.

The topic is about the Lost in Translation project and how to keep going with it regarding the evolution that has suffered during the last months.

Lost in Translation was born as a project to push forward the CivicWise website. Having this main goal, has developed a beta version of the website adding some basic info about what is civicwise and beging to build a log in system with which we can map the whole network (circles, people, projects, etc.).

Finally, Lost in Translation has evolved from a project with a specific goal to a broader framework in which we can develop differents tools for the communication, the care and the building of the community CivicWise. Regarding this, we understand now the website as one of the tools or projects develolped whithin Lost in Translation framework but having others tools already been developed as the WTFisgoingonCW format, the Mapping Network, the Branding Book or the Multi-identity contact cards and having others in mind as the Welcoming Pack.

Understanding this broader frame, we were discussing about the need of building the Lost in Translation group as a new extitution within the CivicWise ecosystem. The goal is to have a clear, transparent and open governance and a figure with which we can collect economic funds to approach the development, and most important, the maintenance, of all this tools already mentioned.


  • Governance: thinking about this, we had a conversation during the second session of Governance in Glocal Camp. We start to think about how would be the governance of this group, listing the different field we need/want to cover.
    By now, we have: (1) Digital infrastructure: taking care of the hosting, website maintenance and seeking the digital autonomy of the organization; (2) Administration: taking care of accountability and financial management; (3) Synergies: looking for new synergies with the projects, circles, extitutions and people whithin the network but also “outside” with other networks and communities; (4) Trans Media: working about publishing and its strategy in different formats -blog, magazine, book publication, social media,etc- ; (5) Mediation; taking care of welcoming tools and protocols and the “maintenance” of the community; (6) Coordination: making the communication fluent among the members of the extitution and taking care that all the extitution is working well

  • Economic model: we discuss about two ways for getting funds. (1) For the development of specific projects, the idea will be to build an specific propposal with its team, methogolodgy and budget. The budget would be crowdfunded by the members of the CivicWise network. To do that we can test the co-budget platform. **We discuss about to make a propossal of the 1.0 version of the website and test this tool and this “internal” crowdfunding protocol. (2) Thinking about have permanent resources to keep running the extitution and the permanent tasks related with maintenance, we discuss about to split the 10% of a CivicWise project’s budget that we are right now giving to the local circles and give a 6% to local circles and a 4% to this Lost in Translation extitution, understanding that the work developed by this extitution is needed and transversal for the whole network.

Talking about this, one of the main topic of the discussion was how to formalize this extitution. Do we need an specifi legal figure to collect and manage this funds? Would it be inneficient, in a network global perspective, to have again another legal figure? Could we create an internal legal figure avoiding all the external bourocracy?

Everything is open to discuss… let’s talk. #parlem. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a permanent overwhelming feeling about new ideas and proposals within CivicWise.
We are not following through with the 30 previous ones when we have already invented several new ones.
Regarding this issue, I can’t agree Domenico’s mantra “lo uno no quita lo otro”.
Time and energy are finite resources, which means: if you are doing some thing you can’t do a different one at the same time.
Something similar happens regarding 10%; we don’t have still feedback about how the community is going with this idea and we are already adding complexities.
The idea of a 10% for CivicWise from each project that used the “umbrella” of CivicWise was related to support the infrastructure of the network… but also related to a way of “democracy by voting” inside the community, giving the oportunity to decide which project to support.
In order to do that we need, first of all, a listing of projects with their value… connected with the persons willing to carry out them.
In that way, wisers could choose how to “invest” their “profits” within the network.
I think that we must prioritise our goals (or tasks) and go for them one by one.
My opinion on priorities about communication: to develop, urgently, the mapping of people and projects in our web. The best way to know “what the fuck is going on in CivicWise”… outward and INWARD.
My opinion on priorities about 10%: to create a listing of projects (with persons) and begin to test it through “investments” from wisers or circles.