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Hello everyone! :raised_hands:

As some of you know, we start to build this internal initiative some weeks ago and after three hangout sessions we finally have the definition for this ‘project’. ;_)

We want to share with you what we achieved and luckly have some comments, concerns and/or contrubution from you. :+1:


Along the last months an specific issue was ‘trending topic’ within CivicWise: how to communicate what is civicwise, what are we doing and the value within that?

There’s always a lot of things, projects, events, people coming in and out of civicwise network and as an open network, the definition is always in beta, constantly in transition.

So, even if we want to define us and try to be much more clear about our value or to whom are we useful, the bigger question is how to define that constantly movement that defines CivicWise?

In this project, “Lost in translation” we will try to go deeper, try to fix enough what defines CivicWise, so everyone outside the network can understands it but making it open enough to not to cut that transition and flow that define us. We will work along the next three months in a Digital Communication Updating trying to build a new version of our website and building new protocols for our external & internal communication threads.

If you had this feeling of being Lost in Translation within CivicWise, this is the moment to bring some light together. JOIN US! :wink:

GOALS | What do we want to do on this project?

Build a new website where you can find in a basic and very clear way:

  • Who is CivicWise?: showing the power of our community, people, circles, etc.
  • What is CivicWise?: our approach, values, governance, etc.
  • What can we do?: defining services, projects, clients, etc.

DELIVERS | What are we going to do?

We will build the general frame for the new website as a first prototype of it, that will follow the three legs schema named on goals.

The idea is not to build and describe all the services that CivicWise does or all the projects that CivicWise have done, but to show (for example) 3 services very clear in a new look of our website or 2-3 projects very clearly so after Glocal Camp the rest of the community can contribute completing the rest of projects, services, circles, etc.

PROTOCOLS | How are we going to work together?

Define how to communicate and where to publish suing the website.

  • Team | Who does what:
    @pascualpg | coordinator: General coordination of the project. Coordinating contents and people developing threads so everyone within the community could contribute to the contents.
    @skotperez | Collaborator: Technical development and maintenance of the project.
    @Pinfairo | Collaborator: Graphic development of the project producing images, diagrams and rest of the graphic content.
    Current participants: @urbanohumano, @artemi_fasebase, @luisgsanz, @FrancescoP, @Archivox_NMonnot, @Daniele_Bucci, …

  • Deadline
    The public presentation of the results will be on Glocal Camp (July the 8th to 16th) explaining the work done and why we did it. We set the official deadline the week from July the 3th to the 7th so everyone can take a look to the website and all the documentation before Glocal Camp.

  • Budget Invested
    Making use of money that is available and that we got through the 10% contribution from projects as Residencia Hacker, Civic Design Course or Crowdfunding for Civic Practices book, we’ve set an investment of 2.000eur (all taxes included) as an economic contribution for the team (coordination and collaborators). A few amount of money to cover the minimum costs for this work, allowing them to invest the amount of time that it will be necessary for this work and assuring with this that the tasks are going to be done in the purpose deadline. The percentages will be 40% coordination, 60% collaborators.

  • Payments
    First payment: 30% one week after the publication of the protocol and definitions of the project with goals, deadline, delivers, etc.
    Last payment: 70% two week after the delivery of the project’s documentation.

  • Channels to join us and contribute
    Slack channel: #cw_communication
    Hangout Meetings: There will be a weekly hangout session every wednesday at 3pm. We will inform about this on the slack channel.
    Youtube playlist with all the hangout sessions of this project.
    LogBook with the conclusions of each hangout session for a quick & easy way to catch up.
    Hangout Meeting Minutes Document.
    Index Document to access to every document and folder where we are working on.

Again, any thought, doubt, concern, contribution that you may have on your ‘wiser-head’, please let us know here! :wink:

BIG HUGS TO @everyone

‘Seguimos para bingo’.

Lost in Translation | INDEX THREAD
Lost in Translation EXTITUTION & 10% contribution for CivicWise
Lost in Translation | who is civicwise
Lost in Translation | Logbook_Phase 1-Divergence & Brainstorming

Great initiative! Happy to contribute with some thoughts about how to define the community, and on the user experience of the website.

Reading your post, I had an idea about which projects could serve as prototype. I think that it would be very useful if the website prototype could present the three projects that you mention that have helped to raise the funds through the 10% contributions. Not because of the funds, but because how the exemplify CivicWise work.

Civic Design Course: it would be nice to have an integrated platform for all the courses, rather than each course having its own platform. This could encourage more interactions between the courses.

Residencia Hacker: a good example of the kind of projects CivicWise can do, with clear outputs.

Civic Practices: set up a page for the Civic Editions, which gives information about the books and publications by CivicWise and allow free download without going through gumroad.

Regarding the user experience of the website, it would be great if tools like slack, discourse, the google docs, the youtube channel, etc, could be easily accessed directly from the website. This would make things much easier to follow the community. In a way, CivicWise uses a compendium of external online tools and it would be useful if the website could link all of them.

It would be also nice to allow the local circles to create their own site within CivicWise page. This is something PechaKucha did (I was organiser of PechaKucha Seville between 2007 and 2015) and it is a great way to make the community truly glocal, having a constant flow of local information that feeds into the global community. Local Circles just need to fill an available template and then post information, news and projects in their mini-site, which can feed into the global site.

It would be also nice to think how existing small companies that are doing civic innovation and community engagement could become part of CivicWise, without necessarily having a full commitment. A kind of special membership for Small Medium Enterprises.

I will try to be in the next session.

Big hugs and thanks for starting this! :slight_smile:

P.S. (edited) Just saw Pascual’s draft website and I just realised that many of the things I am saying has already been included.


@pablosendra I was working on this first draft website and put all the information on this google document so everybody can contribute about it. Please, go here if you can and share your thoughts on specific issues or topics. :wink: Thanks a lot!

CivicWise Website - Beta Launching