Lost in Translation | Logbook Hangout Sessions


Hello @everyone! :slight_smile:

This is a logbook for the project ‘LOST IN TRANSLATION’ in which we will post the main conclusions of each Hangout Meeting Session chronologicaly, so if you just get to the project and you’re struggling trying to understand what have we done during the process by now just take a look and make a quick and easy catch up. :wink:

>> Logbook Phase 1-Divergence & Brainstorming
>> Logbook Phase 2-Convergence & Beta version
>> Logbook Phase 3-Production & Development

Remember that slack channel where we are discussing this project is #cw_communication.
You can find all the contents whithin the google drive folder where we are developing the project here.

Enjoy it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Lost in Translation | Logbook_Phase 2-Convergence & Beta version