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Lost in Translation | who is civicwise
Lost in Translation | INDEX THREAD
Lost in Translation | Logbook Hangout Sessions

HANGOUT 001 | Kickoff session

Date: April the 20th, 2017

Participants: @skotperez, @luisgsanz, @artemi_fasebase y @pascualpg


  • There’s two main issues: the one about how to afford this internal situation which also involves internal money investments and the one about the website and communication. We (people on this hangout meeting) think that could be more enriching and effective to start with website-communication issue and start to experiment with this topic. It could be a conflictive field but it could be saw also as an opportunity that we give ourselves to keep growing as a collective in an unknown field.

  • We (people attending this hangout session) agree that the better way to conform the team is:
    Coordination: Pascual, taking care not only on productive tasks regarding how to organize contents in each communication field (internal/external) but also coordination and internal communication tasks for this project (communicating the work in progress, taking care of setting the sessions, building the threads for other CivicWise members to contribute, etc.
    Workgroup: Jonathan & Alfonso, taking care on general productive tasks but specifically ensuring that fields as design/illustration and technical fields are covered.
    Participants: Artemi, Domenico and Luís (by now). Is the open circle for the rest of the community to contribute as much as they want and without an specific and/or regular commitment.

  • The money that it’s been proposed to invest on this task/project (2.000eur) would be distributed within Coordination & Workgroup members. The money here is not seen as a salary or retribution, it is seen in a double way: as a kind of symbol to start to experiment with this internal situation about how to make internal investments and how to deal with it and as a way to ensure the labour from Coordination & Workgroup members as they would use this minimum amount of money to “cover the costs” of taking care of the task/project in a constant period of time for the following three months (until Glocal Camp L’Hospitalet).

  • The task/project would be afford as any other project within CivicWise structure. It would have name, specific slack channel, discourse threads and fixed weekly hangout sessions.

  • The idea that some people within CivicWise (the people attending this hangout session) are going to start to work on this is not involving that any of this is CLOSELY DECIDE or FIX. What it has been proposed here is to start working on this and keep going with the governance debate or money field as the same time if any CivicWise member thinks that there is something to be reconsider, has any concern or simply wants to share something about it.

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HANGOUT 002 | Storytelling & Priorities

Date: April the 28th, 2017

Participants: @skotperez, @artemi_fasebase y @pascualpg


  • We agreed a ‘name’ or sentence that defines this project in order to have a storytelling to tell this process to the rest of the world. How to communicate this communication updating? The name will probably be changed through the project but we have by now:
    LOST IN TRANSLATION | The digital thing
    How to define something which is constantly in transition?

  • We have three main tasks (internal communication; external communication; civicwise website) and three transversal issues (team;infrastructure;tools) to solve on each task.

  • We will build different docs for each task so everyone on the community can contribute.

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HANGOUT 003 | How to work together [Protocols]

Date: May the 10th, 2017

Participants: @skotperez, @artemi_fasebase, @pascualpg, @Pinfairo, @urbanohumano,


  • As this is an internal initiative and new for all of us we need to go as clear as we can in order to communicate to the rest of the community.

  • In that sense, documentation of the project is as important as the project.

  • We need to define the project: What is going to be done? Who is going to do it? When is going to be the work done? How the rest of the community can engage with the project? How we manage the budget and the money contribution for the team? **We answered all this questions on this Discourse Thread. ;_)

  • The three main things that we need to have on the website are:
    Who is CivicWise? [show our community, people, circles, etc.]
    What is CivicWise? [our approach, values, governance, etc.]
    What can we do? [services, projects, etc.]

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HANGOUT 004 | Methodology & First Draft Discussion

Date: May the 19th, 2017

Participants: @skotperez, @luisgsanz, @pablosendra, @FrancescoP y @pascualpg


_We have EIGHT HANGOUT SESSIONS from this week to Glocal Camp.
_We have EIGHT TOPICS TO DISCUSS about the website.

  • General Structure for the website (discussed on this session)
  • Who is CivicWise: story and his community
  • What CivicWise does: work, projects, services, clients, etc.
  • What is CivicWise: approach, governance, values, etc.
  • External Communication: General discussion
  • Internal Communication: General discussion
  • Welcoming: General discussion
  • Storytelling of this process: how to tell the world this process “Lost in translation”

_The methodology will be:

  • Each week we approach one topic and decide the topic for next week.
  • At the end of the hangout session we open a discourse thread about the topic will be approach next week so we can collect thoughts from all the community.
  • Between one session and the next one we develop what we decide during the hangout.
  • This way the website will be updated weekly so is like an opportunity to step forward on work and test this work at the same time.


  • We are going to make the first update for CivicWise Website along the following week making the ‘cleaning task’ agreed: updating CW description, adding Civic Factory link, updating sliders, etc.
  • We are going to fit the design that we agreed along this process to the current template that we are using on wordpress.
  • We need to think about who is going to be our website for and how to prioritize the information on our website for those ‘whom’.
  • Is important to think about how to maintain this work after Glocal Camp. Regarding this, is essential to documentate all this process and start to build a common wiki or “how to” category on discourse to empower all the community about how to proceed on CivicWise with technical issues as the website, drive, slack, etc.

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HANGOUT 005 | Who is CivicWise

Date: May the 25th, 2017

Participants: @skotperez, @artemi_fasebase y @pascualpg



  • We need to be able to explain two main issues:
    Our story: Show our storytelling, milestone, the growing of our community, etc
    Our network: showing the power of our network, the amount of people that we are, different countries and cities, all distributed but real connected.

  • The formats to explain this would it be:
    Our story: we will make a short video (90 - 120 seg) in a playground format, which is viable with the time that we have. Will be a video with real image of the mail milestone (kickoff event, glocal camp, CFF, etc) and big a direct sentences that tells the story. To collect ‘sentences’ that describe our storytelling we will make an open call on twitter with the hashtag #WTFisCivicWise
    Our network: graphic contents showing numbers, the growing of our community, etc as the examples shown on discourse.

We will start to collect data and information from all the wisers (name, bio, social media links, etc) and circles (projects, labs or activities involved) making a wordpress form so everyone can upload their profile directly on the website and can updated whenever they want.

We need to create a clear corporate identity reachable to any wiser with a common folder with typographies, color palette, branding, general graphic resources. All in editable format and with some rules of use.

Youtube video:

Meeting minutes:

Visualize Civicwise's community in the website

HANGOUT 006 | What is CivicWise - Approach

Date: June the 1st, 2017

Participants: @skotperez, @artemi_fasebase, @angeles_briones y @pascualpg



  • The challenge is to define us very directly and clear (with words, videos, phots, graphic, etc) but not looking as a strict corporative and losing our fresh way to do things.
  • We should show our values as one of our main definition.
  • We should create formats or spaces that define CW clear enough to define CW but open enough to allow everyone to contribute and be part of it.


  • We need to be clear about CivicWise as a beta permanent.
  • One of our main power is the Network and our capacity to work like that. We spend two years working on ‘how to work’ together and in this way.
  • CivicWise as a connector agent in a territory
  • CivicWise and his way to work: Local action back up by Global Network


  • Pushing Twitter campaign #WTFisCivicWise with Civic Design Course Network.
  • Asking people to contribute on this discourse thread.
  • Asking people to contribute on this document.

Youtube video:

Meeting minutes:


HANGOUT 007 | Our Work & Services

Date: June the 7th, 2017

Participants: @skotperez, @artemi_fasebase y @pascualpg



  • We set a deadline to update the ABOUT section on website on Wednesday the 21st.


  • We should have a section on website about “Open projects” or “Projects in progress” so anyone can understand what is happening in CivicWise and how to join to those.
  • How we call our services should be self-explanatory.
  • The challenge is to show our services in a very clear way but not to lose the diversity that conformed CivicWise. Consultancy, Research, Formation, etc are services that any other company could offer. CivicWise is different and we need to show it.
  • Our list of services could be a growing-list of tags associated with our work (specific actions, projects, etc). Like this, we are showing ourselves not through services but through what we have done and what we are doing.
  • Our principal value is “HOW we work”. We need to highlight this on our website.
  • The way to organize all this (work, services and methodology) through “Production Spaces”


  • We need to develop a kind of template about how to tell different projects regarding that of course, not all projects can be told the same way.

  • The template has not to be a close format but a frame with some rules that you can use to tell projects.

  • Some fields that the template for projects could need:
    – Status
    – Roles of people involved
    – Collaborators from outside of Civicwise
    – Production Space
    – Services tags
    – …

  • To achieve a first template for project we can make one or two prototypes with projects already developed by CivicWise.

Youtube video:

Meeting minutes:

Lost in Translation | CivicWise - OUR WORK

HANGOUT 008 | External Communication

Date: June the 14th, 2017

Participants: @skotperez, @pascualpg, @artemi_fasebase y @hussain.alatya



  • We need to push the “Blogs Hub”.
  • Look for CivicWisers who wants to write.
  • Build a common interface.
  • Build the CivicWisers profile so everyone can build his/her own blog.


  • Generate a mix content with all our media: magazine, news, hangouts, etc.
  • Build a common protocol for tagging and naming posts, news and youtube videos so everything is collect the right way
  • Build a crossposting strategy
  • Experiment with new formats: podcasts, TV, …


  • Build an internal protocol to use a common calendar
  • Embed a calendar on the website

Youtube Video:

Meeting Minutes:


HANGOUT 009 | Graphic Content

Date: June the 15th, 2017

Participants: @skotperez, @angeles_briones @pascualpg, @Pinfairo


What we need to do before Glocal Camp

  • Produce the basics for beta version: ABOUT US menu

What we need to do post - Glocal Camp

  • Identify common pattern on Graphic Content generate for about us menu.
  • Organize brands and sub-brands on CivicWise.
  • Build a “Common Rules Graphic Document” for civicwise.
  • Build protocols and tools to generate an open graphic for all the Network.

Youtube Video:

Meeting Minutes:


HANGOUT 010 | Internal Communication

Date: June the 28th, 2017

Participants: @skotperez, @pascualpg, @artemi_fasebase


Task to complete before Glocal Camp:

  • Try to close up ABOUT US document to upload on the website
  • Produce graphic content for ABOUT US main menu
  • Try to develop the form for profiles on website

Internal Communication:

  • Limitations of our current tools: drive, hangout, youtube, slack. We need to think about the long term and think about the exponential growing of our network.

  • We discuss about open source tools: Could we produce open knowledge using private software?

  • We can produce a first draft doc to evaluate our inner communication software tools:
    -------1st part: evaluation of current tools
    --------------Slack. Comunicación principal
    --------------Google Hangout + Youtube. Videoconferencias
    --------------Google Drive. Producción y almacenamiento de información
    --------------Discourse. Debate formal y público
    --------------Spotify (playlist colaborativa)
    --------------Mailchimp. Newsletter
    -------2nd part: let’s dream about tools: which ones we want for civicwise?
    --------------Library. Repositorio de contenidos, artículos, documentos…
    -------3rd part: discussion about free software. Why civicwise should use it?

  • A way to start using open source software, build a prototype: In a small-scale project start using another software tools and try to build new protocols.

  • We need to build a better protocols, spaces and tools for documentation

Youtube Video:
Meeting Minutes:


HANGOUT 011 | Welcoming

Date: July the 06th, 2017

Participants: @luisgsanz, @pascualpg, @artemi_fasebase


Welcoming should be on our website in three phases:

  • Time before to be a wiser: a FAQ section inside ABOUT US main menu to show questions as: how you can contribute to CivicWise? how can CivicWise be useful for you? etc…
  • Time you decide to be part of CW: join us section
  • Time just after been a wiser: once you fill the form, the website should give you some instruction for next steps.

Collecting all the work done by now the last weeks, we achieve an structure to develop on our website:

Youtube Video:

Meeting Minutes:



Date: July the 07th, 2017

Participants: @luisgsanz, @pascualpg, @artemi_fasebase, @skotperez



  • Goals that we fixed in our first approach have evolved week after week.
  • As the nature and logic of CivicWise is very complex, everything is crossed so is not just about update our description or project, once you start to get into the website.
  • Because of that, the goal that we set to have a beta version uploaded on our website, that’s now have evolved for a bigger project and tasks which involved to develop a whole structure that we achieve.


  • We see this 12 hangout sessions that we made as a “divergence phase” for the website project.

** 4 sessions of planification and protocols
**** Kickoff event
**** Storytelling & Priorities
**** Protocols
**** Methodology & First draft discussion
** 7 sessions of divergence
**** Who is CivicWise [History and Community]
**** What is CivicWise [Approach]
**** Our work [Projects and Services]
**** External Communication
**** Internal Communication
**** Graphics Content
**** Welcoming
** 1 session to evaluate and close down the first phase

  • In that “divergence phase” we’ve achieved some conclusions for specifics topics to which we went into one topic at a week.

  • We propose to start a new phase of convergence and productions in which we repeat the same methodology (one topic per week) closing down every topic starting from the conclusions achieved on divergence phase and producing the content to update the website week by week.

  • This convergence & production phase will have 11 sessions:

** 1 session of planification and priorities
** 7 sessions of convergence and production
**** About Us [Who is CivicWise and Approach]
**** History
**** FAQ [Not that Frequent]
**** Our Work [Projects and Services]
**** Network [People and Circles]
**** External Communication [Media]
**** Internal Communication
**** Graphics Content
** 2 sessions of production
** 1 session of evaluation

Youtube Video:


Meeting Minutes:

CivicWise Website - Beta Launching