Lost in Translation | Methodology



_We have EIGHT HANGOUT SESSIONS from this week to Glocal Camp.
_We have EIGHT TOPICS TO DISCUSS about the website:

  • General Structure for the website (discussed on this session)
  • Who is CivicWise: story and his community.
  • What is CivicWise: approach.
  • What CivicWise does: work, projects, services, clients, etc.
  • External Communication: General discussion
  • Internal Communication: General discussion
  • Welcoming: General discussion
  • Storytelling of this process: how to tell the world this process “Lost in translation”


  • Each week we approach one topic and decide the topic for next week.
  • At the end of the hangout session we open a discourse thread about the topic will be approach next week so we can collect thoughts from all the community.
  • Between one session and the next one we develop what we decided during the hangout.
  • This way the website will be updated weekly so it will be an opportunity to step forward on work but testing the work advanced at the same time.

Lost in Translation | CivicWise's Approach
Lost in Translation | who is civicwise
Lost in Translation | INDEX THREAD
Lost in Translation | External Communication

Hi! do you have a special channel or are you going to use the cw general? Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi @Giulia_Fiorillo

Yes, we are coordinating this project on #cw_communication.
You can also check this thread where you can find all the info about this project. :+1: