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Hello everybody, as some of you know we start a process to make an update on our CivicWise website.

Asumming that to confront this huge labour it would be very complicated, we´ve decided to break this duty on eight specific topics so we can go one step at the time. We are going to approach one topic each week from here to Glocal Camp L’Hospitalet on July and the topic for this week is going to be WHO IS CIVICWISE.

The idea for this thread is to be an open space to dicuss, contribute and imagine how to tell the world WHO IS CIVICWISE:

  • What is our storytelling? how to tell it?
  • How to explain the strengh of our network and the huge amount of people that conform this community?
  • Which should be the formats to tell this?

We want to collect ideas from everybody along the next week so we can discuss about it on the next hangout session (next wednesday the 24th)

Thanks a lot! And let’s keep going! :wink:

Lost in Translation | INDEX THREAD

Very important topic indeed @pascualpg and the most important for engage reflexion about communication. Who is Civicwise is asking at the same time what governance is there cause they are link.

  1. For the first, i think CW is, for me, an idea : Empower citizens by fostering collaborative urbanism, promoting civic innovation and inspiring better civic engagement. I’ve got always this image of an hashtag about CW : it’s real, it’s there, engage synergies but at the same time is not real as a real object. That’s what sometimes it’s very difficult to explain CW. After one year together, what i felt about confirmed it: CW is really an idea, fragile as a baby but strong as a futur human being.

  2. What is a governance ?
    Refers primarily a movement of “shift” in thinking, decision making and evaluation, with a multiplication of places and actors involved in the design of the necessary elements to achieve an end

  3. What is CW Governance?

A movement of “shift” in thinking, decision making and evaluation, with a multiplication of places and actors whose involvement in the design of the necessary elements to achieve the empowerment of citizens is unified by common values.

Those reflexions are part of a document we made with @Archivox_MBerri for understand CW in March 2016 and try to build the historic of CW from it’s birth. We check every discussion in Discourse from the begining. We think indeed that you can not see the future of CW if you don’t see the past of it and the amazing work made by civicwisers already.


hello, just to start this is the link to the definition of WHAT IS CW elaborated in the Report of the last Glocal camp https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yAkckKfe_PtlvY78E-sZX59fJZOw_Hp4vvbQpyxaXwU/edit#heading=h.xnztkh2n82ym

CivicWise is a glocal and transdisciplinary network that works around localized collective intelligence, civic innovation and open design.To do that it is organized in five platforms: Academy, Civic Spaces, Community, Tools&Protocols and Labs which produce, promote and share through network, circles and projects

I think it’s good to link it to the governance as @Archivox_NMonnot suggest, but I also think that in the website there will be a dedicated part about our governance, isn’t it @pascualpg?


@FrancescoP @pascualpg i don’t think that the definition of CW is just a link with Governance cause CW made the choice from the beginning of a Governance from march 2015. Governance is THE definition of CW. What do you think?


Hello guys @Archivox_NMonnot @FrancescoP! :+1:

So happy to see contributions so fast! =D Specially from you guys as we need a lot all the work that you did about this last summer. :wink: Very usefull indeed the documents that you reminded: about governance and the report from GC.

I completly agree with you @Archivox_NMonnot that our governance of course define what and who CivicWise is, but, even if its difficult to imagine, what I would dicuss is not what is CW (which we will talk following weeks) but WHO is CivicWise.

What I mean by this is that in my opinion the very simple and powerful strengh that we have is our NETWORK, the people, our community, and so important, how we even been deslocalized are able to be so connected all the time with each other. We need to thing about this specific thing without go inside (by now) theoretical governance issues (in my opinion).

The reason why I say this is because I think (and it’s a completly personal opinion…maybe I’m wrong…=?) that if we go deeper on theoretical issues we are not going to be able to approach the task, but maybe, if we just think about our story this two years, how we grow together and how to tell this, we can go later with a better idea about how to define WHAT IS CIVICWISE, but first just ask ourselves… What is our storytelling? how could we show the world the strengh and the number of people that conforms CW? In which specific formats? should we show statistics? is a story? how? a video? comic? timeline?

Not sure if it is the good approach…what do you think guys?
Big big hugs!


@pascualpg good approach i think indeed . I love this idea of a timeline as a storyboard. For Common.langage we were thinking about that, it’s just an example : https://www.preceden.com/timelines/9981-frise-de-l-accès-public

But a reflexion about it : finally, your approach wants to show how big is our community now? Growing in two years amazingly? Because if you want to explain how we grow together, then you go back to What is civicwise as the idea of Governance was there at the birth of CW in London : local, global and circles.

What do you think?


Hello friends. I agree with Pascual (or that i think). We really need to “open” this work. The more we reflect on this duty, the more dramatic it becomes. It’s a huge challenge and we have little resources to get it. So… i think that to get someday that amazing telling about CivicWise that @Archivox_NMonnot sketches, we need to get started with “something”. Our website can’t wait any longer. I support that idea coming up from last session of 8 tasks, one per week, going directly to the heart of the work. Over that (not an easy goal at all) we’ll have time to sculpt the wonderful story and deep meaning of CivicWise.


Hello @everybody

As you know, we have scheduled the next hangout session tomorrow at 3pm (madrid timezone) in which we are going to talk about this topic: “who is civicwise”.

Regarding the comments from @luisgsanz @Archivox_NMonnot and @FrancescoP I would like to make some comments trying to help for tomorrow session:

  • I think we should go for this very concrete about this trying to produce something visual so everyone can understand who civicwise is (right now) and after that keep going on theorycal debates.
  • The two main topics (from my point of view that we should discuss tomorrow would be: (1) who is CW in terms of storytelling, our path from london kickoff event until now, the power of the amount of people that we are all around the world and (2) who is CW in terms of specific circles and people.
  • Regarding all this I will try to think about specific graphic formats to talk about this on our website so:

1 - Who is CivicWise in terms of:

  • Storytelling: Should it be a short video with video-images of all of us (video images of kickoff event in London, Glocal Camp paris, Valencia and so on? should it be just images? a post? should it be a timeline like this one? (you can see it at the bottom of this website).
  • The power of the network: how do we show directly and simple our power as a glocal community, real connected, too many people, too many cities, etc. Here some image about we are testing for a project in Madrid (Reichel, Hussain, Luís and me) showing numbers, the growing of community and our way to work, deslocalized (digital-hangout) but trully connected (physical):

2 - Who is CivicWise in terms of specific circles and people:

  • How do we present ourselve in our website, showing active circles, faces, etc.
    Should we go with the main section which we called “community” where we can show this? Should we have something like this? or like this? like this? a mix of everything?

So, let’s think about it and go for it tomorrow! :wink: :muscle:


Hello @everyone

I was woking on this google doc on contents to update on our website ABOUT US. Take a look and share your thoughts, concerns, comments, :wink: