#OPENING What kind of tools or activities would you propose to approach CivicWise to project/ideas?


In terms of activities, digital platforms, or behaviours between people and organisations/community groups, which of those you consider more relevant to use when connecting with other people/projects?


I think is really really important for CivicWise to promote listening activities that can create reliability and human connection with local communities.
To improve our approach to project/ideas during the OPENING phase I think is very important to establish a quick direct contact. Could be first by mail to arrange a phone or videoconference call, in order to establish a first contact. After that if possible try to have a physical or at list visual contact to discuss about the project.


agree. I also think that maybe a super small citizen engagement test should be carried out for project focus and validation.
Maybe putting together a small initial group of ten of different background that are thought will be fundamental in the project