Organization and methodology for the third phase of Lost in translation


Context & Approach

We finished second phase of Lost in Translation project. And we start now the third and last one:

  • First phase: divergence of topics
  • Second phase: convergence of topics & beta website development
  • Third phase: development of all the contents and topics


  • Three types of fields for development: contents / graphic contents / technical
  • Contents: developed in google docs during hangout sessions
  • Graphic contents and technical will be developed “outside” hangout sessions
  • In this third phase, the hangout sessions will allow us to put in common the contents developed during the week, coordinated the different fields of development and also to produce written contents for the website in real time.
  • This phase will last 14 weeks, from the beginning of january to the end of march.
  • Regarding that we will need to develop on technical and graphic aspects between sessions, we will have one session every two weeks.
  • Every cycle of two weeks will have the following parts: development, testing by a group of wisers, hang out to put in common and evaluate the testing.

Topics (two weeks/each)

  • Frequent Ask Question
  • Our Story
  • Projects
  • Production spaces: Circles, Labs
  • Users
  • Welcoming Guide for newcomers

Structure, schedule of the third phase

  • 10 weeks: topics development
  • 2 weeks: just in case… unexpected events, one topic that takes longer than two weeks…
  • 2 weeks: close up and evaluation


Main goal.
Develop all the contents and topics discussed during the two previous phases.

Particular goals

  • Develop a distributed system in the website for any member to edit project and network (personal profile, circles, labs, etc).
  • Structure and organize the projects developed by CivicWise
  • Visualize and show the network: circles, labs, CivicWisers, etc
  • Develop a welcoming guide for newcomers