Participation for a documentary about the GlocalCamp


Hello everyone! Here the discussion about how will be the documentary about Glocal Camp, Civic Wise and 15M movement.

If anyone want to share ideas, proposals, referents, images, archive of vídeos you took or whatever you can add to start that new artistic project please don’t hesitate to write here your ideas!

Thank you so much!



I’m new to the group and I’m trying to update myself on what’s happening with the group, but it would be great to talk to people who are working on the documentary, I have a few ideas about capturing the process, opinions, it would be great to talk to others who are doing the recording.

I’ve seen discussions about stop-animation and individual videos, liking what I’m hearing, speak soon. Also I’m looking for a place to stay for the glocal camp, if anyone has a place to stay let me know Salut Alice