Partnership - sannas (madrid-spain)


Hello @everyone

I’m openning this thread to discuss about a partnership opportunity here in Spain with SANNAS, an association of enterprises which work with a “triple balance view”: social, economical and ecological.

Although this partner is located in Madrid I’m openning the debate in english as could be an opportunity to discuss about how to procced when a circle wants to build this kind of relationships in an specific territory.

As here in Madrid some of the people of CivicWise have contact with people in SANNAS, we were thinking for a while on build this partnership with them, which mean CivicWise would be inside the association of enterprises SANNAS giving us direct contact with powerful friends and other enterprises with the same values as us.

What SANNAS offer specificaly will be:

  • Inclusion in the directory of collaborating entities on the SANNAS website.
  • Possibility of using the SANNAS logo to reflect your status as a collaborating entity on the web, social networks and signatures.
  • Dissemination of your activities and news to the members of the Association, as well as through the web and social networks of SANNAS.
  • Sending information, with topics of business and professional interest.
  • Possibility of attending and participating in conferences, meetings and working groups of the Association, as well as promoting new initiatives.
  • Wide range of training workshops.

The cost for being included in SANNAS association is 100€/year, so the discussion here would be how to pay this.

In my opinion, regarding the last ideas collected about governance in Glocal Camp L’Hospitalet, distributing the 10% of projects income to local circles, I think this kind of payment should be approached by the local circle with that money in a total independent way. In this sense, is a decision that Madrid circle has to take (this is my proposal) without been mandatory to contribute for the rest of circles of CivicWise network, even when the partnership affect to the whole network, assuming that is Madrid circle which will have the main connection. However, the idea for me is that other circles could choose if they want to contribute for this 100€/year in some way and if that so, we discuss about it.

So…thoughts, concerns, suggestions…? people from Madrid circle: @Nassia @luisgsanz @crisfigueroall @lacapitanadelaisla and new people Laura, Francesca, Aymen, … and people from other circles, which would be the interesting views to see in this discussion I think. :slight_smile: