Placefulness as a working open hypotesis


With this post we are going to set up a starting point about this open hypothesis of Placefulness Lab.
Fell free to contribute and open the debate about this lab and the “open definition” of Placefulness

What is Placefulness?

Actually, more than a “stable” definition of what is or is not Placefulness, what we want to share with the entire CivicWise community is a laboratory in the broadest sense of the word. An open working hypothesis, the beginning of a collective reflection arising from the formulation of the following question:

What kind of practices and tools would we need to accompany and accelerate, as enrichingly and holistically as possible, the civic processes of collaborative construction of territory?

In this sense, the formulation of our initial hypothesis would be to understand Placefulness as a work approach under which to develop methodologies, tools or social technologies (soft or physical) oriented to prepare, enjoy and develop a state of attention or full presence in space as a collective attitude when developing collaborative projects on the territory in which we inhabit and intervene.

By space we understand both the social and the territorial context, in its double “glocal” dimension of proximity-connected.
Initially we propose to approach the concept Placefullness in the complementarity of a “triple look” necessary to observe (us) in the place:

look from the self: as the ability to focus on oneself, an individual look from the inside of the person.
look from the ourselves: as the ability to focus on the other and the group, a collective view focusing on our social interrelations.
look from the whole: as the ability to understand complexity, a systemic look focused on our interactions with the context / territory.

In operational terms, Placefulness LAB aims to be the work space where any member of CivicWise can enrich and share their own practices or investigate and experience new ones from this “triple look”, a space where to rethink from what we already do, working it and deepening from this approach to incorporate new aspects that help us offer a transformative experience as integral as possible to the communities / territories with which we work.

How can we work on Placefulness LAB?

Main document of general definition (open to contribution)
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LogBook of online sessions: Placefulness Lab - Log Book Online Sessions -
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Placefulness Lab - Log Book Online Sessions -
Placefulness Lab - Log Book Online Sessions -