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Hello @everyone !!!
This thread will sum up all the sessions and the spaces of exchange of knowledge about Placefulness

We will post the main conclusions of each Hangout Meeting Session chronologically, so if you just got in the Lab and you’re struggling trying to understand what had we done during the process by now just take a look and make a quick and easy catch up. :wink:

Remember that slack channel where we are discussing this lab is #tc_placefulnesslab
You can find all the documents where we are developing the Lab are here.

If you want to contribute to the open definition of “what is placefulness” join the debate here

Enjoy it! :stuck_out_tongue:


HANGOUT 01 - Kickoff session

date 26/10/2017 18.30 (Madrid Time)
Join the H.O. here

We’ll launch the Lab with a general presentation of the lab and the participants at the HO, and a focus on what motivates us on being in this lab, updating the definition of Placefulness.
After the preliminary works we’ll present the open definition and the people who are interested in joining this lab.
We’ll also presente the idea of governance and tools about how this lab could keep on running

Youtube Video here


For the newcomers of the Lab:
You can take a look on this doc that resumes the works done until now

this doc about the governance of the Lab

As Lab it’s interesting to have focused debates, around a topic or a project/activity that can contribute to the definition of what is placefulness and how we can experience it.
Each session will be prepared by one or more persons interested in proposing a topic to start a collective debate

Sessions schedule:

  • 10 minutes for introduction of participants
  • 10 minutes to contribute to the definition of placefulness (open discussion)
  • 15-20 minutes for a specific person / guest to talk about a topic or specific project/activity related to placefulness
  • 20-25 minutes of debate

For the next 3 sessions we have been thinking to propose that each one could focus one of the 3 points of view to Placefulness:

  • look from the self: as the ability to focus on oneself, an individual look from the inside of the person.
  • look from the ourselves: as the ability to focus on the other and the group, a collective view focusing on our social interrelations.
  • look from the whole: as the ability to understand complexity, a systemic look focused on our interactions with the context / territory.

We’ll have the next HO meeting on the Monday 27th of November at 19.00 and the topic will be : the look from the self
@FrancescoP will take care to prepare the introduction of the topic, but feel free to contribute!

Placefulness as a working open hypotesis


date: 27/11/2017

Participants: Adolfo, Francesco, Alberto, Mario

Youtube video


PLACEFULNESS workshop Iin Alicante
Mario proposes the possibility to contribute as lab in a ws he has been asked to do in Alicante.
we’ll open a doc to start contributing.

The structure of relations on which we’ll work will be:
the self, the ourselves, the whole (with emphasis on the surrounding environment: home/city)
The tool CLEHES is a good reference - Cuerpo, Lenguaje, Emociones, Historia, Eros, Silencio

Proposal Emprendipia [Adolfo Chauton] to focus our practical approach

(self) 4 impulses:

  • survival impulse
  • transcendence impulse
  • belonging impulse
  • exploration impulse
    [autonomous intelligence]

(ourselves) 4 ethics :

  • benefit ethic
  • realization ethic
  • care ethic
  • distribution ethic
    [collective intelligence]

(whole) 4 consciousnesses/awwarnesses:

  • global consciousness
  • creative consciousness
  • root (settle down) consciousness
  • network conciuosness
    [systemic intelligence]

Placefulness definition
In this session we’ll keep contributing our experiences to the biggest concept of PF instead of focusing on one topic. We skip the topic of this session (look from the self) to the next sessions, design of a workshop of Placefulness we keep working on a bigger reflection of Placefulness

There are tools that we can apply since now, developed by various people that are sharing them in this Lab, we want to understand also how to create a synergy between these tools to reach a bigger focus to placefulness
For example food, organize lunch of a dinner, can be a good way to reach the 3 point f view of Placefulness, can we prototype an action of PF about food and nutrition as the central connection axis of SELF|OURSELVES|WHOLE ?
This could be an activity for the next Glocal camp in canary Island.

Meeting Minutes: