[proposal] communication, distributed leadership, foster velocity


Proposal generated by the #civictour in #bruxelles.

Concerns about transparency, communication and how to enable other leaders and peoples.

the immense and very valuable work done @ Paris; how this can be re-usable (e.g. without the wheel re-invention) for #bruxelles ?
guidelines, experiences, lessons learned (we cannot keep iterating doing the same things in different places: sharing simple information cost less time that doing without).

> DISCLAIMER: clearly quick, dirty, not thoughtful, to be review/reworked/amended/trashed/adapted)

CivicWise is a very nice project; we need to work in a challenging distributed international environment, we are mainly volonteer and we are not in the condition to waste our time.

There will never be a moment where organizational costs (organization, coordination, other structural investment) will be acceptable, nevertheless organization, communication are required and necessary, for transparence velocity and efficiency.

We need more velocity and efficiency to save our time!

Efficiency, velocity, delegation, coordination are not to be neglected, especially in the distributed, international context we want to build.

Without we will re-iterate and waste enormous amount of time re-doing most of the basic things and we will not benefit from other experience (too cumbersome to retrieve information, parse, understand).

Therefore I suggest that #civictour will identify a united, international, driven core connectors (coordination) group that will generate a “circolo virtuoso” and avalanche effect. Hey is a quick draft! < reminder of the Disclaimer :smile:


  • First, transparently, this strategy should be announced (and core-connector can be found in this initial phase while engaging the community)
  • a (initially*) private core connectors chat should be created
  • a (initially*) private documentation repository and methods (what to document, how to document, how to share **) will be created
  • current leaders (Paris group) will be required to provide minimal documentation (to help core connectors)
  • core connectors will be tasked to ask relevant information and consolidate all documentation in easy documents (Q&A, introductory documents, info-graphics, how-to, etc etc)
  • core connectors will be tasked to communicate to their circles to keep the communication flowing
  • a driven regular meeting board is envisioned: (quick item based, time limited, with scope of awareness and visibility in the core connector board).

Expected behavior:

  • current leaders will start to enable core connectors
  • core connectors within their actions and request will be building the knowledge base
  • the knowledge base will start to directly reply to core-connectors questions decreasing the load from current leaders
  • the core-connectors should then start to further delegate to other connectors (enabling them)

*initiually to limit complexity and workload of global communication
** great way to share is to have quick reviews of a specific experience or part of the project; not presentet but just made public to the core-connector group: i.e. the paris group need to face point X; they invite bruxelles group on streaming; bruxelles group look, listen and shut up during the meeting, at the end some timelly questions (i.e. 15 min to focus on real needs: how you did that? how you enable that?) et voila’ knownledge transfer on the field.(edited)


@levm I think you have a very good point and good proposal!
Of course we need to act quickly in order to define a protocol that allow us to achieve efficiency, velocity, delegation and coordination.

What you propose in order to have local core-connectors in charge for the mission to improve and spread better information, is a very good idea!

I suggest that people interested on this role, could announce it here on this same debate!

Bruxelles civic.point

Hello everyone,

I took part in the last meetings we had in BXL last weekend and I’m feeling very positive about the topics we have discussed.
One of the results of the last meeting was to choose the responsibilities and share some duties. I’m looking forward to do my part as “connector” and to collaborate with all you.

@levm I think that is a great idea as well to improve our work now and in the future.


Hello everyone,

As @levm suggested above, please find a link to a folder where perhaps we could share some documents towards a new Bruxelles civic.point: