Should we have a Donation System?


We are starting to have some little expenses, and I think would be useful if we can have a simple system that allow us to make donation to the Community. The most common used system is Paypal but I wonder if there other alternatives.


I think we should but first I think CivicWise should be a legal entity of some kind


@Ana_COCHO good point! So let’s wait! Maybe we should promote the discussion we started here about our legal identity #GOVERNANCE What kind of organizational form should CivicWise use? Globally & Locally? Non-profit & Profit


I think Crowdfunding could be an option, maybe Kickstarter.


I think that this project may fit in many European funding programs.

It would take more time than a crowdfunding but applying for one of these programs would allow us to create an outstanding web platforms, which I think will be one of the keys of this project.


@All, we should also consider some petty money to support our minimal infrastructure. Maybe a quick donation system will do in the meantime we are defining our entity.


I don not think the 2 options should exclude each other. HOrizon 2020 is hard to get and while the proposal is done and evaluated a quick donation system can help clearly.
Should the donation system be global?
I mean, we really want to start here in Barcelona as soon as possible, so: what about a kick startted for Bcn Civicwise project?


I think that the expenses will be shared between all CW circles, so the donation should be global.
I also believe that it is soon to start a serious crowdfunding program, so maybe for this first phase the donations could come only from us.
Btw, I will be in Barcelona next weekend til Tuesday, would you like to meet up?


that will be amazing! what time are you leaving on Tuesday? I am in Madrid right now…