Social Storm - Use our network to empower us


Hello everyone, with @Pinfairo and @urbanohumano we were saying that it would be great to make the most of our network to make us stronger on social media, as individuals and as territorial teams (such as Fasebase, Carpe, Superfluo, etc.).

We were thinking about 2 types of “Social Strom”:
After making a list of all the profiles of the wisers, during one day all members of civicwise confirm the skills and if they want to leave a comment on the profiles of others.
After having made a list of all our parallel projects, inserting a brief description, they will be published by social cw with a calendar and each of us will be able to re-share them. (I think it would also be important to put a list of these projects on the cw site)

what do you think? who wants to work on it with me?


I think is great Daniele! I would propose to discuss it as part of this #WTFisgoingonCW campaign to make it even stronger.

We can launch, as we discussed previously during our italian Civic Tour, an internal/ external campaign as part of the “Lost in Translation” project that makes it visible all the work we are doing and invites us to reflect around our governance, technologies and tools to foster the collaborative work between us. If I remember correctly we defined more or less two main issues >>

1.- VISIBILITY, CONNECTION, COLLABORATION_Our website will make it easier in the next future to make it visible all the different projects and things that the community is doing, but we can start doing more things to make the effect even bigger. I think your proposal would make a big impact also in this sense.

2.- GOVERNANCE, INTERNAL COMMUNICATION, TOOLS AND INFRASTRUCTURE FOR COLLABORATION_On the other hand we need to set, as in every organization, basic protocols and exchange spaces for the whole community to review and evaluate what is working and what can be improved. I remember you already did a great work studying different protocols and methods inside of CivicWise and other global networks and comparing them. It could be a very interesting starting point in this sense.

I think that we have to discuss many things but we need to start also from a very hands on approach and start taking action with very specific initiatives as this one that you proposed.

#wtfisgoing on CW? Campaign in social networks to launch the process.

#wtfis going on CW? sessions: sessions to discuss about legal, governance, team, etc.

  • Improving our relational tools ( we already have the web) > supporting turnómetro, Civicwise”Tinder”, Social networks storm, etc.

**The first session to discuss it willl be on monday january 15th from 12.00 to 13.30 (Madrid Time) . Something very focused on prepare a team and organize the campaign itself. What do you think?

I already prepared the link to join the Hangouts session >>>>

There is also a document to write here the content to be discussed and to prepare a meeting minutes>

The communication channel >>
Hope to see you then! Un abbraccio!!! :sunglasses::sunglasses::grinning: