tc_CivicTech LAB | Needs


In Paris Glocal Camp we started to define a list of needs to start up a research group. We realized that this list could be helpful to start up any kind of research group or project, it is not specific for a tech context.

  1. Availability of open spaces to work.
  2. Definition of a research method, edges, taxonomies.
  3. Analysis of the economic sustainability.
  4. Diffusion, clear story telling.
  5. Meassure impact through correct tools and indicators.
  6. Identify problems (as this think tank’s raw materials) in a systematical way.
  7. Success and failure cases data base.
  8. Connection with external experts in order to have access to specific needed skills.
  9. Define Civictech ownership
  10. Legal advise support
  11. Documentatio protocol

The list has to be completed, restructured in groups of needs maybe… It is a very alpha version.


Hi @skotperez. Following the protocol stablished in slack, and trying to be coherent in all our communication tools i suggest that the protocol for civictechlab thread should be: tc_CivicTech LAB | “thread” in this case… “tc_CivicTech LAB | Needs” what do you think?