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Hello everyone!! This is the discourse channel to discuss the definitions for the words and expression that are use in the CivictechLab. @Paul-Marie @skotperez shoud we keep it in english? Lets start propuse some definitions!!


Hi, thanks @Lorenzo_Trepat :slight_smile:

I think English should we be fine. Basically, as discussed with @skotperez and @angeles_briones we wanted to integrate “political participation” and “democratic citizenship” within the civic design course.

Here some definition for a debate:

Political participation “citizen’s voluntary activities affecting politics” (Tilly)

Democratic citizenship “a common political identity of persons who might be engaged in many different purposive enterprises and with differing conceptions of the good, but who accept submission to the rules prescribed by the respublica (i.e. exigency of treating the others as free and equal persons) in seeking their satisfactions and in performing their actions. What binds them together is their common recognition of a set of ethico-political values.” (Mouffe)


Hi @Paul-Marie !!

Nice!! I create an Open Document where we can write definitions that come out from debates. @skotperez @angeles_briones. Should we define what is a Civictech Lab firts?? And what concept its importat to define to had a better undertanding of the Civictech Lab work?

Here is the link for the open document


Link updated to edit !!!


Hi @skotperez @Paul-Marie @angeles_briones !!

I bring some news. As you know the glossary project is linked to the CDC publication, so we set up a dead line to deliver the glossary. Ther idea is to add the concepts that have been develop here to the publication. In this context, I think it woul be very positive if we can produce some definitions, in 2 lines, the firts and more important in this part of the process define the conceps in which the lab in based on, CIVICTECH LAB, CIVIC, TECH, … And a second line, define the concepts that are used in the projects in which the lab is workin on…

We have 3 week, and if we can deliver a couple a good definitions would be awesome, and a great contribution to the course and publication.

what you think?


I agree with you @Lorenzo_Trepat. We should define Civic Tech (let’s start compiling some definitions already provide in the literature), Civic Tech Lab and let’s think in some other fundamental concepts. I will take a look for some references of Civic Tech I already have and share them. About “Civic Tech Lab” inside the Civic Design Course, I remember @skotperez provided a definition (the one is on the program of the CDC). It is an internal definition, I think it fits very nice to a general idea of what we concieved as Civic Tech lab:

El Civic Tech Lab (Laboratorio de la tecnología cívica) es un grupo de investigación glocal y transdisciplinar que aspira a (1) experimentar los efectos de las herramientas digitales en las organizaciones humanas y en el territorio, urbano y rural; (2) formar una comunidad de ciudadanos interesados en la tecnología cívica; (3) abordar el campo de la tecnología cívica, sus objetivos y materias, su ideología, estándares, metodologías y métricas.

@Lorenzo_Trepat, what is the CDC publication about? you mean to the final publication of the Civic design course, right? just checking if we are talking about the same thing.


That´s right @angeles_briones, is for the the final publication of the civic desing course, that is the idea. As well, we are trying to develop this glossary to complete and go along with the thorical content of the course.

I think that start a glossary its has some importans points:

. Define a concept It would lead to think it and debate it, according to point of view of each lab.
. It would help the understanding of the each lab actions, thought and proyects.
. A concrete and clear defintion will also lead to think the most appropriate an accurated answer to a question, or an action to a problem.

At this moment, this glossary its an starting point. So I think to define the basic concepts of the CivicTech Lab it would be appropiate for the time we have, but just the first step.

So we have to questions, Which are the basic concepts os the CivichTech Lab? And could we define it or get a closer aproach?


Criticism is welcome, feel free!!


I will add the defintion to the open doc !!