#tc_civictechlab | Manifesto


In Paris Glocal Camp we defined the manifesto as a list of hypothesis to prove:

1 Civictech has to be linked with territory
2 Civictech has to promote collective intelligence
3 Civictech is not a tool, is knowdledge applied / rooted
4 Civictech is adapted to each space and each time
5 Civictech is a prototype
6 Civictech is a process not a product
7 Civictech has to be inclusive and collaborative
8 Civictech develop sustainable and resilient communities
9 Civictech develop open and reusable knowledge
10 Civictech is made by everybody (like amateur science)
11 Civictech is technological commons


If we finally agreed to follow the same protocol as slack, it would be nice to change also the topic for this thread to: “#tc_civictechlab | Manifesto”


Hello @skotperez and @civictech people!
I am doing a reflection about the current Civictech Manifesto. I have some questions and everyone is invited to comment on the doc.

You can find it in Google Drive: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KriuFqyXCpkrG4YIyiTrSmSYZNrgsub6cG6lperJxeY/edit?usp=sharing


Hi Elsa! Great Initiative to take this and try to go forward with it. :smiley:

I let some comments on the doc. Maybe could be useful to keep going with the debate… :slight_smile:


Great @Elsa_K! Let’s continue the debate here!