#tc_habitatlab | Glossary discussion


Hello everyone!! This is the discourse channel to discuss the definitions for the words, expression and concepts that are use in the HabitatLab. Lets start propuse some definitions!!


Hello everyone! :slight_smile:

Thanks @Lorenzo_Trepat and all the people from Civic Design Course for this great initiative :thumbsup:

As the first contibution I would like to share here the description that we agreed for this lab. We wanted to achieve a complete description about to inhabit trying to speak about this not just from an architectural view nor even a designer point of view and this is what we’ve achieved.

Habitat Laboratory: “How do we inhabit our territories? How our domestic sphere influence the way we relate with each other? We will discuss here, from a transdisciplinary and trans-experiential view, about this and further trying to find maturate answer for such a complexes questions.”


Hi @pascual_pg !!

I think is great to define what a Habitat Lab is to add to the glossary. Could be something like this?

Habitat Lab: An interspace where we discuss, in a transdisciplinary and trans-experiential view, how we inhabit our territories and how our domestic sphere influence the way we relate to each other in the aim to find maturates answers for such a complexes questions.

I leave you the link of the Glossary, witch is an open document that everybody con edit it, and where all the concepts from all lab will be define.


Link updated to edit!!!


PERFECT! :slight_smile:

Such a great and neccesary work that you guys are doing with this innitiative :wink: Thanks for it!! :thumbsup:



Hi @pascualpg !!

I have some news. As the glossary is a project liked to the CDC publication, we had set up a dead line to deliver the glossary, and the concepst that have been developed in the glossary will be add to the publication in each lab seccion. The date is the 15th of May, till then we have time to produce as much as we want. So I thinks this is an opportunity to produce some definitions.

I think woul be positive to define de lab and the mayor concepts that the lab are working on. HABITAT is a concept that should be defined I think.

Which are the principals, the starting concepts that the HabitatLab work on??


Great news @Lorenzo_Trepat :wink:

Well, HabitatLab is was created without a clear goal by now but understanding that there’s some people in CivicWise who wants to reflect and go deepper about the architecture discipline but in a wider view. What we want is to understand how we inhabit the territories. So, we don’t have by now bigger concepts worked but we can embrace this opportunity and start to do it now. :wink:

I think that maybe could be more interesting not to define close concepts but to try to answer open questions:

  • What does it mean to design an HABITAT today?
  • What do we (architects) are useful for today?
  • What are we designing for?
  • Who are we designing for?
  • What define an urban common? Could we talk about an habitat common?

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