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Hello everyone!! This is the discourse channel to discuss the definitions for the words, expression and concepts that are use in the RuralLab. Lets start propuse some definitions!!


Hello everyon!! Here is the open document witch has been created to write all the term and definitions dicuss here. We should start to produce some concepts that will help us to get a closer aproach about whats happend in the the Rural Lab. @FrancescoP could we define Rural Lab?


The link is update to edit !!!


hello @Lorenzo_Trepat and thanks for promoting this thread.
I want to share here a kind of starting point for this lab, it’s the common open definition we worked on during the first Glocal Camp in may 2016 in Paris with @luisgsanz @martakayser @bentejui_fasebase and @artemi_fasebase.
You can find all the project in this folder

> RuralLAB rises from the necessity of understanding the territory as an hybridization between urban and rural environments and from an holistic view of the territory as an union of related elements, in which an action r directly or indirectly influences the rest. It is an applied research laboratory of territorial scale that starts its line of investigation from the CivicDesign online course.

> We consider rural environments as a complexity, with an interrelation of many elements such as social sustainability, intended as a circular exchange between environment, economy and culture, or other elements like health, tourism, agriculture, community and identity. At the same time we understand that there is a direct and hybrid relation between urban and rural, as also a mutual dependence for what concerns production and commerce. Therefore there is no limits that separates these two declination of territory, but they coexist in varying degrees of hybridization, depending on each context and territory.

> RuralLAB is one of the applied research lines of CivicWise, focused on the big scale. It takes charge of developing sustainable and adaptable territorial models of civic impact, developing open tools and practices that single project or other research lines of CivicWise can take advantage of.

I have also added this open definition in the file you shared.

I think that could be useful for who’s interested to deepen this topic to have a look to a project developed during the first edition of the Civic Design’s course: Entornos Rurales (Rural Environments. You can download the publication of the project in Spanish here.
It’s an investigation about the application of Civic Design in rural environments with the analysis of 3 study cases in Spain, France and Italy.

I think that this can be a real starting point to debate about some important terms for this labs like:


Actually the lab develops its core interest around the concept of hybridization of environments, so it would be good maybe to start from this point.
My proposal is to plan a meeting between who is interested in developing these concepts, also involving projects from the online courses of civic Design.

looking forward to keep pushing this :heart_eyes:


Hi @FrancescoP @luisgsanz @martakayser @bentejui_fasebase @artemi_fasebase , firts sorry for the late reply.

Great contributiont to the glossary!!. As you say, would be good to develop the concept around what is the lab working on, as you say now you are working with hybridization of environments. As well to develop the concept which the lab is based on. Your aproach is the correct I think, debate about URBAN, RURAL and HYBRID ENVIROMENT.

Now the deal is this, as the glossary its a proyect linked to the course publication, and for that reason we had set up a date to deliver it and try to add the concept to each lab seccion. The date is th 15th of May, so I think It woul be awesome if we could develop and define this 4 concept, so they will be added to the publication.


If we can reach that we will nail it!!


Hello everybody! @FrancescoP @luisgsanz @martakayser @bentejui_fasebase @lorenzo_trepat…

I would like to propose some other concepts to take in count now or after the publication. :wink:

  • biomimicry (biomĂ­mesis)
  • biophilia (biofilia)
  • ecosystem (ecosistema)
  • nature (naturaleza)
  • biodiversity (biodiversidad)
  • ecology (ecologĂ­a)